Wayspot not appearing in Ingress or Pokémon go

Hello, sorry if this was already discussed on here before, I briefly looked for an answer and nothing came out of it.

I have a wayspot that is NOT within a 20m radius of another wayspot but doesn't appear in Ingress. I heard it was an issue last August and that it happened when Niantic accepted POIs themselves. My nomination was accepted August 30 so it checks out. I also heard that you could simply upvote the pokéstop to make the wayspot appear in Ingress. I cannot do it in my situation because it is in an occupied S2 cell, so no pokéstop (see pictures below). What can I do to make it appear? I would like to use it in Ingress, thanks :)

Wayspot name: À mes parents, Monique Cousineau et Ulric Couture

City: Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville, Quebec, Canada

Coordinates: 45.523824, -73.336135



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