Update: In-Game Contribution Limit

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Hello Explorers, 

I’m excited to share a small upcoming feature update. 

In-Game Contribution Limits

For Pokémon GO players, we will be replacing the old contribution limit mechanism on October 12, 2021, (date updated on 10/13/21) from a 14 day wait period to accrue, to a daily accrual system, with increased max daily quota based on the contribution type. This applies to Wayspot nominations, reports, and AR scans. You’ll see this reflected in the messaging in your settings and the nominations or editing screens.

  • New Nominations - 1 Daily accrual / 40 Daily Max
  • Title Edits - 2 Daily Accrual / 40 Daily Max
  • Description Edits - 2 Daily Accrual / 40 Daily Max
  • Location Edits - 1 Daily Accrual / 40 Daily Max
  • Photo Submissions - 2 Daily Accrual / 40 Daily Max
  • Abuse Reports - 2 Daily Accrual / 40 Daily Max
  • AR Scanning - 10 Daily Accrual / 200 Daily Max

For Ingress players, this same update will be coming later this year! We'll provide updates regarding release dates when we have them.

Stay tuned for more updates. Share your thoughts HERE. Enjoy exploring! 

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