Evian - Boite à Livres du Parc Dolfus Location Edit

Title of the Wayspot: Evian - Boite à Livres du Parc Dolfus

Location: 46.399266, 6.575646

New Location of the POI : 46.399338, 6.576702

City: Evian-****-bains

Country: France

Screenshot of the Rejection Email:

Photos to support your claim:

Today location, you can still see the stone it was on.


From a larger angle

She was moved there, on the right side of the bench :

Additional information: The free little library front glass panel had been destroyed twice already making it dangerous for everyone to use. They moved it a little bit away from the skate park and removed the glass doors.

The POI has been relocated to it's old position due to an old in game edit location



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