Wayspots at Boy Scout Youth Camp

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Title of the Wayspot:

  • Around These Fires 1939 Plaque
  • CBH Tiki Totem
  • Tschipey Achtu, ghost deer
  • CBH Trading Post
  • CBH Memorial Bridge
  • eagle totem pole
  • James Waldorf Bench Pavillion
  • Cheerful
  • Gaga Pit
  • Trustworthy
  • Owl trail at CBH
  • Pederson Lodge
  • Deer and Turtle trail
  • CBH Dan Beard Info Hut

Location: 42.66609156577516, -76.8675507705403

City: Ovid, NY 

Country: USA

Screenshot of Rejection Email: N/A (Noticed while doing Wayfarer reviews)

Photos to support your claim: Attached.

Additional Information: These Wayspots are located at a Boy Scouts of America Youth Camp. https://senecawaterways.org/camp-babcock-hovey/


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