Feature Request: Auto Accept Title Case Changes

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I’m sure this has been noted before, but it feels like a waste of human reviewing time for me to have to approve title edits that only are to standardize capitalization to title case. This is at least half of the ones I’ve gotten recently. Also doesn’t it take months now for those to get approved?

The code for “is this a change to title case” is super basic, but I can imagine integrating that into the back end to auto accept could be a mess. The dream would be accepting spelling corrections as well, which are annoyingly common since PoGo (idk about the other games) doesn’t spell check submissions.

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    Why auto-accept rather than auto-reject? If it's only a change to case then the old one is probably good enough. Auto-accept could lead to a constant back-and-forth.

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    Neither. It is important that a person reviews a capitalization change to make sure that it is correct. That way we don't get "MeRcEr PaRk" and we are not stuck with "mercer park" either. Fixing capitalization and spelling errors does improve the quality of the Wayspot as it improves human readability, but we also doen't want people being cute with capitalization either.

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    Any kind of auto-accept should be aware of the language used for that title, because capitalizing each word in a title is wrong in other languages. If I see an edit "Auto Accept Title Case Changes" in my native language, I will reject it because that's totally wrong.

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    As others have said, there's too much variation in how language is used to implement any kind of auto system on titles - as a basic example, names of art pieces can often have very particular capitalization that may not follow Title Case.

    Also, as someone who works in publishing, formatting for title case often requires some subjectivity as short connecting words would normally be lowercase (e.g. "Entrance to Central Park" Vs "Entrance To Central Park") - auto systems rarely get it right 100% of the time in my experience, and cannot deal with acronyms well (e.g. MUGA Vs Muga).

    That said, I'd still rather the submission portal used title case for the title by default - the submitter can always correct it themselves if the text needs to be shown differently.

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    I'm a strong proponent of Title Case, but many in my area will "correct" submissions to Proper Case because that's what was enforced in the pre-Wayfarer submission days, and because they get in-game points for edits: I'd hate to see my well-crafted titles marred by a mess of capitalized prepositions. I'm trying to evangelize Title Case as much as possible so that when I see an edit and choose the capitalization I like, I'm more likely to get an agreement. I don't mind doing the edit reviews.

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    Mostly good points. I find that the majority of title edits involve changing only a few letters at most (I’ve on occasion struggled to differentiate) and the approval time v. change ratio is just so out of proportion.

    @WheelTrekker-ING I wasn’t even thinking about it across languages, but of course that makes a difference.

    @peardrop-ING Making the submissions default to title case would be nice. A lot of the ones I see are clearly meant to be title case, just the submitter missed one or two words.

    @TheFarix-PGO I wasn’t suggesting that all capitalization changes be accepted for exactly that reason.

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    Ingress used to default to Proper Case when making submissions, then it changed when Prime came out. It's most likely a Unity thing?

    Would be nice to have it back, it looks a little more professional. Plus the spellchecker, though this may be phone-dependent.

    What I would really like to see is an automatic TRIM function, to simply remove extra spaces at the beginning or end of strings. So many times I find Wayspots with extra spaces and when reviewing, there is no visual distinction, you have to look at the HTML to see that there is an extra space. A trim would save so much time and effort!

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    Sorry, yes, Proper Case. Got them mixed up lol

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