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Nomination got accepted in an empty cell, 3 days after and did not appeared in game

TyranterRV-PGOTyranterRV-PGO Posts: 6 ✭✭
edited October 2021 in Report a Bug

Hello to the wayfarer community, ive tried to reach NIANTIC support in game however the wayfarer/pokestop section had only automatic response so i chose the forum instead with hope i'll find an answer to this.

I've uploaded both images, one of the IITC that shows that the waypoint appeared already in an entire empty cell (even the cells next to it are empty) and the other that shows the date of my submission.

This is the first time that it takes so much time for a waypoint to appear in pokemon go and i felt like reporting it, please also note that the S2 cell is half empty.

Thanks in advance i'll look forward to your responses.

Nomination ID: yqNbw0ueGIr31+IzcVqo9H7mSNMSTnYby/lwI2k+30E=

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