Grace Period Before a Nomination Goes Into Voting

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For anyone who nominates, there is at least a 24 hour leeway between the time that a wayspot nomination is submitted and the time it takes before it goes into voting. For fast places with swift turnarounds or people that upgrade their nominations as soon as possible, most people will report that it's often a day or two before their nomination slides into voting.

This leeway/grace period means that:

  • You have time to research or do up the description and supporting statements.
  • You can nominate something somewhere so you don't have to stay at the place you're nominating for long, and then drive home (if it's like 12 hours away) and do the details and information when you get home.
  • You can nominate in the evening, go to sleep, wake up and dress up your submitted nominations.

For the most part, my local community reported that their quickest and fastest turnarounds: 37 hours, 36 hours normally, with and without upgrades.

But with Niantic swiping nominations for their manual review, there is no more 24 hour leeway. All of a sudden, there are many people who have reported sub-24 hour turnarounds (since the majority don't show on Intel). One example is a nomination that was submitted at 9:42am and was approved at 5:15am (19 hours!) the next day. Another reported that a result was gotten in 10 hours, and even another 13 hours.

The new recognised fear is that Niantic will snatch a nomination even before the grace period ends. But I even fear of nominations taken by Niantic in the first place, because they are rarely in accordance with criteria. This evening, I was in the middle of editing descriptions and supporting statements (to which they were submitted earlier today), but then all of a sudden I was getting this error.

After completing my updated Description and Supplemental Information, to be more detailed after finding out the information about this, all of a sudden I got this error "Invalid record." No idea what it meant, so I decided to refresh the page. And to my dismay, the nomination disappeared from the Nominations Managements section. It was swiped. Right before I could save the description, Niantic staff will now be presented with banal/placeholder text that doesn't capture the essence or background history of this mosaic.

This gives me anxiety. Now I can't trust whether a nomination I submitted only mere hours ago is going to be swiped with a lackluster or placeholder text before I even get the opportunity to do up the description/supporting statement properly. Yeah sure, advise me that I should do it all perfectly and all detailed on the spot before I've done research when I'm doing the nomination but have you ever heard of efficiency and not using your phone and the lack of autocorrect?

I was this close to having the nomination well-presented and ready for review, but they were snatched away from me mid-edit. I have no trust that Niantic staff will properly review a nomination because they've accepted an ALDI Supermarket, McDonald's, a fire hydrant, mattress store... and have rejected trail markers, footbridges on trails, architectural marvels, nature educational signs... well you get the gist. And I have even less trust that they will do these swiped nominations justice with incomplete descriptions. Partially, it's my fault for not doing them fully, but the fact that they were snatched during the grace period causes great disruption and frustration. But since they aren't a dot rejection, they won't go into the other post in the form of hypothetical expletives. Just give me my nominations back... please.... so I can edit them, but you'll probably reject them anyway.

Give a nomination the full 24 hours of grace before you start swiping it from people's nomination queues. I'm sure you can configure your "quasi-random" paws and pistons not to take nominations younger than 24 hours.


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    Would the new ability to save your nomination and submit later take care of this problem? If not, there needs to be some kind of waiting room you send your submissions to, to give you the chance to finalize and submit on your own schedule.

    That's super frustrating, and I wish for good luck that your nomination is accepted.

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    it's my fault for not doing them fully

    When you nominate always give a proper title, description and some supportive info.

    If you want to tweak your nomination later on: great !

    Just make sure you initially pass along enough info for any reviewer.

    Just don't rely on the "grace period" - if something pops up and you don't have the time and want to avoid a nomination to go into voting with descriptions like "TBC" of "text here"

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    I don't know when when my nomination was pulled from my page. I can confirm that it was still showing 5 hours after I submitted it, but I woke up to my acceptance email time stamped 15.5 hours after having submitted it. Thankfully, I did have time to adequately pull together decent text, but still had intended to modify it a little more. Had I been traveling, it's possible I'd have missed it altogether.

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    Alright, update.

    I do 21 submissions every fortnight. Usually as soon as the Pogo nominations refresh, then I do them all in one hit. Out of all these 21 submissions:

    • The two nominations in which Niantic swiped from my nominations management screen within a couple of hours from nomination them have NOT reached a verdict.
    • All the other 19 nominations have already been accepted or rejected by the local Wayfarer community, the last of which was yesterday morning.

    Fellow Sydneysiders such as @Hikaru588-ING and @thezonetop50-ING and possibly even @rufoushumming-PGO (within the Sydney CBD) can attest that their nominations are or have become extremely fast with a quick turnaround (bar a few exceptions).

    However, the two taken by Niantic staff have seen zero movement in the past 7 days. Nothing has reached a "Niantic review decision". Other locals in our area, which have reported their nominations missing from their nominations have already had all their other nominations approved as well, but have heard no news from those taken by Niantic.

    You should not take nominations where they in voting time is less than two days. Or especially within 24 hours within this grace period. Give them back and let the community review these naturally.

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    @NianticTintino @NianticDanbocat

    I agree with the OP here.

    Having this “grace period” may not be an explicitly documented part of the process, but it’s got more good reasons for being in place than a simple “don’t flood a small area with a bunch of nominations at the same time”.

    Tpyos are inevitable. Discussions with other locals about our new nominations is a good idea, and we will very frequently learn more and better things even after we thought we’d already done enough research.

    It’s already an interminable situation right now that NO submissions reviewed by Niantic’s internal reviews are ever being brought into Ingress. Please don’t make that situation worse by disallowing us to make necessary edits.

    Just add to the internal review process, to only snatch nominations after they’ve been In Queue for a minimum length of time.

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    I'm in Japan. I was nominating right at the location using English because I'd get kicked out of the game if I used a translation app. It's super fricking frustrating. So I edit later to get the Japanese right. One day I had to withdraw 4 nominations because they'd already gone into voting the day I nominated them. Japanese won't pass a nomination that isn't written in Japanese.

    Now, a few weeks later and my nominations waits days even with upgrades.

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    The real question is, shouldn't Niantic be reviewing from the BOTTOM of the backlog rather than new nominations?

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    my guess is, even Niantic Giffard or Danbocat has no access to the Backlog in that way.

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    Remember those selected for review are “quasi random” 🙄🤷‍♀️

    So perhaps that rules out some older ones……of course understanding what is going on exactly would help.

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    There are some sorts of processes where if you nominating several things in a very small proximity, each one will block each other out, and go in voting once the other has reached a decision. Something about cells or that sort of science, although sometimes I've seen two of the exact same nomination go into voting, usually after something has been approved. But this "grace period" (I don't think this is actually good terminology, call it a delay or something), which will last between 24 hours to possibly even 5 days kinda helps stagger the queue a bit. Since Wayfarer, I haven't had the instance where a nomination had reached a decision on the same day I nominated it, but I knew that it was possible to occur during OPR days.

    Quasi-random does mean that they have parameters to route nominations. I could argue that maybe they do take a very minute subset of nominations from fast, rural areas (especially if they are known areas of abuse such as a corner of Florida or something), but in all due respect, nominations taking more than a week within a Niantic internal queue should just return to the local queues. Biting off more than you can chew (at this point in time) is something the internal reviewers need to not overencumber themselves.

    Every morning my nominations remain stuck with Niantic, I/ll post here. They're bound to be rejected with their existing banal descriptions. But when our community can resubmit something for a second round of eyes after something gets rejected and have it pass mere days later, then our solution is to resubmit despite Niantic swiping such until they stay visible in our Nominations Management. And they will probably be accepted even before Niantic makes a decision. But they're just being held off being submittedc until they make a decision or on Sunday evening.

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    Well I guess I have one of the faster recorded turnarounds

    Submission, "St Dominic's Catholic Church" in Bryce, Utah, enters system Tue, Oct 12, 8:21 PM, it is accepted Wed, Oct 13, 2:25 AM, just 6 hours 4 minutes

    For the time being you probably shouldn't count on the 24-hour grace period.

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    Well, something has gone through since yesterday's post. But after looking at someone else's wayspot in question this morning, it's been lost to the lightship, it was a nomination within a cell with an existing stop, not in Ingress, but (should have been) outside 20m. Think it was moved.

    If I only have a couple of hours before something gets swiped by Niantic, yeah I'm not confident. 6 hours and 4 minutes is a high concern, but I guess as long as Niantic staff is happy to accept single/basic worded descriptions, I guess I'll just edit that in once it goes live in games (as long as it isn't lost to the lightship)

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    From one of my other comments:

    Nomination U, which was submitted on October 10, 7:27pm via Ingress (sometimes I confuse the time depending on what the Wayfarer site displays) and taken from me mid-edit a couple of hours afterwards has reached over 14 days since it was submitted, and it has been in Niantic's internal queue for almost two whole fortnights now.

    As from Giffard's advice, it seems as they have shifted from a quasi-random manual review to prioritising nominations more than a year (or two) old. So what does that mean, you're going to keep my swiped nomination hostage until you finish reviewing all the nominations older than 2 or 3+ years old? You're just going to leave it gathering dust in a dark corner? Am I forced to resubmit this?

    The fact that 19 other nominations of mine submitted on 10/10/2021 took an average of 4.4 days to reach a conclusion, one of Niantic's reviewed taking 9 days, and that there is a still a pending Niantic review for one of my nominations really just means that your internal review process is inefficient and seems like your robots staff are sleeping on the job.

    Give my submission back (Greenbank Footbridge) and let it flow back into the local queues for a faster turnaround. Our local and extended communities can review our own things faster than you can, so please stop taking them. You're stealing nominations and even if you approve them, it is a bad outcome altogether because they are often lost to the Lightship.

    I'm going to submit 21 more nominations tomorrow. I don't want to see any of them disappear from my screen. Please stop.

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    It has been a week since my last update about nomination U. I had submitted 21 nominations on the 26th and all but two of them have reached a verdict. Meanwhile, my footbridge with trail marker is STILL IN NIANTIC'S QUEUE and has not been touched ever since. Give my nomination back now, your internal reviewers are gasping for air due to being overwhelmed and you should not be taking nominations from naturally fast queues.

    It's been in a Niantic internal queue for 21 days now, and that's really and deafeningly disappointing. Just take it out of your queue and give it back to our communities to vote on.

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    In my country is so boring nominate something, the time to get a veridict is like a 9 or 12 months... Please Niantic, do it something with this, because is so boring wait 1 or 2 years to get a veredict :(

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    Now that we can see and able to confirm what was swiped by you, do you not see that your reviews are slug's pace? Everything else nominated on the 10th of October has already been resolved. Two weeks later, everything nominated on the 27th of October (when the 40 nominations went live) have also been resolved. Many things nominated on the 7th of November are also resolving very quickly.

    Either reject this so we know your standards or give it back to the community to vote. A month taken by Niantic is unacceptable if it means you're leaving this to gather dust on a shelf.

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    Depends on the S2 level 9 cell where your nomination located at. If it's not prioritized then please do some reviews and earn upgrades.

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    My nomination was finally approved after being in Niantic queues for over a month, thank you.

    Submitted 11th October, accepted 15 November. 35 days c/- Niantic.

    While it really is a blowout to the average 6 day turnaround here in Sydney, at least the nomination with the bad description of "Brifge" was approved.

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    Interesting thread. I had been wondering how Niantic puts nominations into voting.

    I don't submit a lot. But when I do, I usually go out and submit 7 at a time (old max). I just did 7 on Nov 13. And the fourth of those 7, went into voting the next day on Nov 14th

    I have tried to recognize a pattern whether restaurant. statue, sports field, etc tends to go quicker into voting but haven't

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    Why do we keep having plead and beg with Niantic? Niantic, if they were a good business, would not have to be dragged kicking and screaming to act sensibly. Once again, more evidence Niantic does not like listening to its customers.

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    I just got my first nomination grabbed by internal Niantic review today. It was submitting last week and naturally went into voting maybe 3-4 days ago... So it's definitely not old. Hope it doesn't get stuck in their queue I can't upgrade it now (like I was going to) because Niantic has it...

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