Wayfarer Website First Time Logins

Hi Explorers, 

On October 26, 2021, all new Wayfarer Explorers will experience a Wayfarer orientation on their very first log-in. The experience walks Explorers through setting up their profile, understanding Agreements and Upgrades, the Wayfarer Criteria and finally taking the Wayfarer quiz. It will skip walking through the Nominations or Review pages for now, as these will face overhaul next year. Explorers who haven’t logged in for 6+ months (from the date that this is released) but have already passed the Wayfarer quiz will experience the orientation, but not have to retake the quiz.

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  • Hello Explorers,

    Hope you're all doing well. I want to share an update with you all as we'll no longer be able to ship this feature on 10/26/21. We've identified some bugs that need fixing so we're pushing out the date to 11/2/21. Thank you all for understanding!

    Safe Exploring!

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