Looks like a "Duplicate" got through?

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Reviewing today when this one for "Fennell Drive Play Area" appeared. Looking at the "nearby", the same waypoint appears to be in the system twice, only metres apart. I marked todays submission as a "Duplicate", could Niantic please take a look at the two existing Waypoints and thing them down to just one.

@NianticTintino - Thanks

I moved the pin on the location photo purely to show identical waypoints in close proximity in the screenshot.



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    Interestingly only one of those shows up on Intel so if they are both showing live on Wayfarer then its a Lightship issue.

    Further to the request to thin them down, is there going to be a way to raise this kind of issue in the future directly on Wayfarer instead of having to ask on these forums ?

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    To add to @Theisman-ING's question.

    I've already pointed out that there are MANY situations where there are duplicate entries in Lightship now. Some quick examples locally:

    1. I'd submitted a garden "A", and it was accepted, but was too close to something else "B". "B" was removed, and so I resubmitted "A", and it was accepted into the database as "C". So now "C" is a live portal in Ingress, but "A" is still a ghost wayspot.
    2. In a local park, a playground "D" was submitted and accepted, but was too close to another portal "E". Later somebody else submitted the same playground in a different location and it was accepted as "F". So right now: "D" is in Wizards Unite, but not Pokemon or Ingress. And "F" is in Ingress, and I believe also in Pokemon, but not Wizards.

    But now we're also going to run into more weird situations, because of these ghosts. What happens if "A" gets removed from the database later? Will "C" automatically pop out from the database? That would seem to be the CORRECT behaviour, if only "A" and "C" were not actually the SAME object.

    Past experience suggests that Niantic staff won't be able to fully consolidate these ghosts into single unified wayspots -- and I'm not even yet taking into account that, due to proximity rules, sometimes NONE of the duplicates will be visible in ANY games.

    And meanwhile, we're still not-so-patiently waiting for the Niantic-staff-approved wayspots to finally make their way into Ingress, which has been an ongoing bug. The longer that goes unresolved, the more of these ghosts that will keep showing up...

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    We have reviewed the report and taken action on the Wayspot.

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    I've had nominations before that got "accepted" But never showed up, even on Intel so resubmitting it took a while because it kept getting marked as a duplicate. but if it showed up on the wayfurr and nowhere else then that's an issue. mine eventually got through. That's why I question duplicates now. I've had multiple stops not go live before so I try to give benefit of the doubt. This is just silly though lol

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    If it's in the system it's duplicate, doesn't matter if they appear in games or not. So, no you can't give the benefit of the doubt.

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