Could Niantic Implement some sort of warning before a Cooldown??

I'm new to reviewing, and I like to think I'm doing a GOOD job so far. I promise you that I have been taking my time and reviewing nominations to the criteria as best I can. And yet, I've just triggered this 24 hour cooldown:

A cooldown has been activated. We have detected some anomalies in your review behavior. As you are reviewing each nomination, please consider each question carefully to avoid falling into voting patterns. Use of shortcuts or pre-canned responses should also be avoided. You will be eligible to resume reviewing nominations after approximately 24 hours.

I was never made aware that this was even a feature! What else am I supposed to do when all I'm getting are churches and playgrounds and other things that I can't find any fault in??

I understand that this is a bot detecting my behavior, but I think that there should at least be a warning or a note making reviewers aware that this is even possible. This is so frustrating!! 24 hours too, isn't that a bit harsh?



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