Approved Nominations That Are Not Added to Game Because of POI Conflict

It's a long title, but I'm not sure how else to word it. I've had four good nominations approved, but because they seem to violate the seemingly arbitrary POI Rule they don't appear in Pokemon Go and only appear in Ingress. I have no idea how to play that game nor any interest in it either. If Niantic wants more people to play their games and actually have fun doing then this POI issue should end. It is extremely frustrating to have waypoints approved that I can never access because I play the wrong game. Why does it matter if one area has more stops then another? I can go to numerous locations where multiple stops and gyms are on top of each yet other places where there are fewer stops/gyms yet approved nominations are not in the game and they are farther apart. I am a daily player for several years. I'm thrilled when I get to interact with my own stops and also provide more opportunities for other players. Please explain why this POI Rule is even necessary.



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