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Do Think This Weather Vane Would Be Accepted?

There was some discussion about weather vanes the other day and it reminded me of an interesting one near me that had yet to be nominated for review. Here it is. What do you think? I provided sources for my description in the supplemental information.

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  • Gazzas89-PGOGazzas89-PGO Posts: 2,529 ✭✭✭✭✭

    @oscarc1-ING I hardly know of any weather vanes in britain, so any one thays still around would have some sort of story, similar to this one, so personally if theres an effort p in in the uk ones, and theres supplements tary information to back the good description, I'd accept it as a r 4 star

  • AScarletSabre-PGOAScarletSabre-PGO Posts: 754 ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited May 2020

    I very rarely see weather vanes around, and in my experience at least, no two weather vanes are exactly alike (maybe I've not look hard enough). Whilst I can appreciate some weather vanes are mass produced objects, this one is on public land and I've seen one or two other weather vanes of varying designs as Wayspots in villages near me (for example a prancing house, which is another symbol of the county, and a golden elephant). I've tried to explain the meaning behind this particular design and hope that people will agree with me that it should be a Wayspot.

  • TheFarix-PGOTheFarix-PGO Posts: 4,976 ✭✭✭✭✭

    It really depends on the artistry of the weather vane (i.e. a cool piece of art) and whether it has pedestrian access. In the case of your example, it has neither.

  • AgentB0ss-INGAgentB0ss-ING Posts: 555 ✭✭✭✭✭

    I agree with the first part of the statement about artistic for a weather vane to be eligible. However the Pedestrian access, as long as the building can be physically touched the actual weather vane does not need to be.

    November 2019

    Q53: Regarding the policy that you must be able to reach out and touch a wayspot for it to be safe, does this disqualify objects/paintings on the outside of buildings that are too high to reach from the ground?

    A53: The policy page says “Regardless of any other criteria, if a nomination doesn’t have pedestrian access it is not eligible.” Height is not something that is explicitly considered. If you can safely reach the wall a mural is painted on, but the mural is 20 feet off the ground, that is fine.

  • AScarletSabre-PGOAScarletSabre-PGO Posts: 754 ✭✭✭✭✭

    How did you determine it has no pedestrian access? I can psychically touch the building it's on from the public footpath along the street. The cupola for the weather vane sits atop of an kind of archway, so I can even go underneath the weather vane, as the path leaders to a car park. I cannot touch most clock faces so does that mean they don't have safe pedestrian access?

    If you consider it to be bad nomination that's fair enough but there's no denying there's safe pedestrian access. I can literally position myself underneath my nomination (this will be seen in the Google Street View). It's perfectly safe to reach.

    Perhaps a better photograph would have shown it better but I'm not going to go climbing on a roof for a nomination photograph. There's plenty of Wayspots in the area, so if it gets rejected I won't feel too sad. I personally thought that it looked nice and if others disagree then so be it; I won't try a second time.

  • Kliffington-INGKliffington-ING Posts: 3 ✭✭

    I was really certain I settled that nonsense. I love that it's the first thing I encounter when I came to give the forums a try again. Ugh!

  • HaramDingo-INGHaramDingo-ING Posts: 1,710 ✭✭✭✭✭

    One day I saw this weather vane on top of a tower. I thought it was super cool because it had an image of a ship, so I definitely appreciated this because of a) the historical relevance that it was placed on, b) the fact that it was also part of a historical site that referenced the First Fleet.

    The difference between this weather vane and this "****'s Scythe" weather vane is that the scythe looks like it's just a piece of cut metal put up for a Halloween, and then just left there indefinitely. And just doing a quick Google search of "The Farmer and his Scythe Weather Vane", I get a store page to purchase one for $319. Ornamental yes, but still easily mass-produced.

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