Access Denied in Ingress and Wayfarer

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My younger brother tried many time to talk with Niantic support from last 2 year to lift suspension from their account, but he didn't succeed, his device was rooted at that time, but now situation and time changed him, he purchased new device and not want to root that and want to play Ingress with same account linked with his Pokemon Go account so that he can also access Wayfarer.

He got suspension direct without any warning, but now Niantic change lot of privacy policy, and in hope that Niantic can give chance to old player those who got direct ban.

Even 2 days ago my younger brother got curious about Ingress because he received a mail from Naintic and he thought ban lifted from their account and after received that mail he even tried to open his account in Ingress but Ban still there. He shared screenshot of that mail with me and request to help him.

Here it his account details.

Suspended Ingress Account Details:-

Agent Name: DineshValor

Level: 5

Faction: Resistance

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