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    If you really want to find the magic wand, hire a diligent worker who will first clean up your POI pile of abusive and worthless trash, then a loyal dog who will come to show you the good POI in his mouth, and finally a competent secretary who will come to your desk to tell you that you have selected the good POI for the day.

    What you're trying to do now is exactly the opposite.

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    More reasons to reject a proposal. Is that the most important thing for you? Are you laughing at us or how is this going?

    You want us to support the community by proposing good points to visit, evaluating the proposal of other wayfarer to achieve improvements so that our proposals do not take more than a year to resolve with all the changes in criteria that may occur in that time and that you know soon enough. You read the forum that the fact of getting an improvement implies that your proposal is very likely to be rejected and more for absurd reasons and even so, instead of deigning to fix those problems, you dedicate yourself to pursuing and reporting proposals from players who help to the different communities of players, asking for things, moving things to make room for others (which can no longer be done) penalizing the players of different games who seek to get the largest number of portals / stops in the games, who work with a discriminatory cell system for many towns and cities that have a great historical and cultural heritage that you force them to choose between a church or a statue that commemorates some important historical event, because according to your opinion, both things are not worthy of having their own portal / stop, and that above all is a system that you have not deigned to explain to the players of your different games how that system works because it seems that you do not care as long as people pay.

    I think it is time for you to listen to the community, because without us these games would not be where they are and that less than a little help, a bit of motivation to ask for things because you know they are going to come out, to ask for a change of location from one cell to another without it disappearing because there is already one in the opposite cell, that you cannot ask for something because there is an abusive range between stops that defines that you can request a valid thing and that it comes out as a stop, because of course, go Unless the entire map of stops / portals is filled with things worthy of being it and that way it is motivated to play pokemon again.

    Hopefully this constructive criticism is useful for something, because at the moment seeing the rejection after rejection of valid proposals, the continuous change of the rules when requesting / editing proposals that the only thing they seek is that they can ask for more proposals that should be stopped and that when they are resolved they will lead to the stops disappearing because there are changes every month or every three months and the proposals take at least 6-12 months to leave in a town or small city and if we go to large cities, we plant in waiting times of almost two years of waiting, is this logical?

    Because with the current system it does not motivate players to propose new things or to value, because all they see is a system that has many failures, which penalizes them when asking for things (because the criteria change and what was previously valid now it is no longer valid) and with each "improvement" that hopes to reverse these problems, the only thing that gets is that the system gets worse and worse and that more and more players stop supporting and collaborating with it.

    All the best

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    I have one thing to say to you.

    Don't use Wayfarer as a tool to make Pokestops and portals live, but rather as a way to let people know that you found a good POI.

    Live Wayspot is the right thing to do to enjoy the game, but it's not the end of the line.

    The real world is full of wonderful things.

    Knowing this is the end point.

    That's where I think John Hanke was coming from, and I think Wayfarer is a way to communicate with the rest of the world about the interesting things in the wonderful real world.

    The game is just a gateway, and the mysterious story and Pokémon are just catalysts.

    When you misunderstand this essence, everything at Niantic crumbles, and your team not only loses the magic wand, but loses the true gold and grabs a plated fake instead of gold.

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    This change wouldn't be as truly awful if they'd done the "hey yeah maybe we'll think about getting to these in the fullness of time" proposals first: make the quiz more instructional so that it reinforces learning of weak concepts, and make it less easy to cheat by adding questions daily and randomizing like a true test should. Those internal reviewers (yes I have an issue with them, that should be obvious) could, instead of giving final yes/no responses on candidates, maybe just review for PRP/abuse and toss all non-PRP, non-abusive candidates back in the reviewer pool - and then they could hand-pick a few real-life cases for new quiz questions. You have those assets, and you're using them poorly.

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    NIA said that in the wayfarer. NIA also said that in the in game popup, "do not trespass while playing ingress"

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    Why isn’t there a way that all POI’s are available in all Niantic games? So far our friends have been connected in all games but why not the POI’s? After all, they all rely on a common database. It’s a lot of work, depending on the region, to make a stop appear in the game. It’s nice to have us involved. But then we don’t want to hear “We may use it in the future”. – No, then let it appear too.

    The main problem is the cell system used, because the cells for Pokestops are simply too large and many things can not be submitted or even appear in Pokemon. But these too have their raison d’être. We also want to have more or bigger places available.

    Wayfarer is getting more and more frustrating and it’s a pity that Pokemon players in particular are being deceived on this point, because

    • How many stops are there for us Pokemon players?,

    • People do the work submit and rate for upgrades but only get the answer that they have been declined,

    • or you get the promise and still nothing appears, although it has been accepted by both authorities,

    • we submit for all games, but benefit from only a fraction and

    • Players of other games submit things we can’t benefit from

    Currently only players can really benefit from Ingress.

    Want to try out new features at PokeStops? Then please make it available first of all, which there are in your other games just not in Pokemon.

    We understand that you want to get us to go out more and do something. Please don’t do that. Then rather reduce the ranges but give us all stops via a general and all-encompassing database.

    The system is simply outdated and we want a revolution here too. Please reconsider this point and develop general rules that apply to all games, so that we all benefit from it!

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    If you know them so well to call them NIA instead of Niantic, you should know that Private Residential Property means single family buildings, and that message at the start of the game states that you must not trespass, because there might be PoI that are beyond your reach. If nothing was allowed in any private property, that message wouldn't make sense.

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    I disagree. Even being primarily a Pokemon Go player, I can see why so many have a poor view of them on Wayfarer. Nearly all the blatantly ineligible nominations I see are from Pokemon Go players. I can tell because their supporting information is something along the lines of "need more Pokestops". Some that may have been approved are not because people waste their supporting information space to beg for more Pokestops rather than give information that is relevant and would explain why their nomination meets criteria.

    Nobody is being "deceived" if they login to Wayfarer and read. There are some spots that appear in Pokemon Go but not Ingress, there are some that appear in both, and there are some that are in neither.

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    Please contact Pokémon GO support.

    This is not the forum to determine the conditions under which a PokéStop can be Live or the number of Gyms.

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    Has the Update gone live yet ?

    Or rather have we got a date ?

    Thank You :>

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    Natürlich sind da viel zu viele offensichtlich nicht zulässigen Nominierungen, aber da sollte man sich auch mal fragen warum. Was kann man den iwo noch groß einreichen, wenn alle guten Sachen zwar in der Datenbank aber eben nicht im Spiel sind. Dann würde so ein Unsinn auch schnell wieder aufhören.

    Ist die zusätzliche Information "brauchen mehr Pokestops" nicht vielleicht auch ein verzweifelter Versuch darauf aufmerksam zu machen? 

    Natürlich ist das nicht richtig, und sowas bzw. auch die Faulheit mancher Menschen möchte ich nicht unterstützen aber das macht doch auch schon auf das Problem aufmerksam.

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    Yah but today is the 9th heheh ... Kinda hanging for my original account to be a wayfarer ;)

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    I have played since day 1 and maxed etc. Now I am helping my Son and yes I play his account from time to time .

    Is this not allowed ? I never knew sorry .

    Thank you for any info / clarification

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    OMG I never knew , I presumed it was ok because during a raid etc. Some people would play 4 accounts on their car boot and hang on I have seen many YouTubers with millions of followers do this also ....

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    Yeah, it seems to be accepted in the Pokémon GO community, whereas you will see others in multi-accounters own teams report them on Ingress. I don’t know if the official stance has changed @NianticTintino ?

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    I understand where you're coming from.

    But your opinion should be shared with the Pokémon GO team, not the Wayfarer team.

    The Wayfarer team does not determine the wayspot display rules for each game, it is up to each game's team to decide this.

    So, just as there are wayspot that do not show up in Pokémon GO, there are wayspot that do not show up in Ingress.It's the same with Wizards Unite and Pikmin.

    Also, you started a discussion about the same thing, and it has been closed by the Wayfarer team.

    Please make your opinion known to the right place.

    At least this isn't the right place.


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    @NianticDanbocat I understand where you're coming from and you're right that reviewer quality isn't great right now (although I could and have written at length about how Niantic can make that better). I would like to propose a way for Niantic to measure the success of this experiment. It's quite simple, and your database may already have the information that you need. If not, my proposal would require only a small amount of additional data to be stored.

    This seems like a fairly small effort for Niantic but one with high payoff. Maybe they'll learn that people who pass the test in the first three attempts turn out to be great reviewers but there's a big dropoff at 4+ attempts, or maybe they'll learn that users were wrong and more test attempts correlates with higher reviewer quality. Maybe more attempts or fewer attempts leads to reviewers that review more and continue reviewing for longer.

    Question: Does the number of attempts required to pass the Wayfarer test predict reviewer quality or productivity?

    Hypothesis: The number of test attempts will be inversely correlated with reviewer quality. Reviewers who pass on the first or second attempt will start out with a higher rating than those who have made more than two attempts, and will remain more highly rated over time. The number of test attempts will not correlate with reviewer productivity.

    Methodology: Identify a set of time "buckets" based on the length of time since the user has passed the Wayfarer test. I would propose something like 0-7, 8-30, 31-90, 91-180,181-365, 1-2 years, 2-3 years.... On a regular basis, calculate the average rating and number of reviews for each of these buckets broken down by the number of attempts for the reviewer. Accounts should be counted based on the largest bucket at which their most recent review happened-- an account that reviewed for six months then quit would perpetually live in the 31-90 bucket.

    Required data: It is presumed that Niantic has a more granular internal metric for reviewer rating than the four simple buckets that are shown to users, though it is not mandatory for this experiment. Niantic will need to know the number of test attempts for each Wayfarer account, and the date of the account's last review. It would be useful if Niantic also stored a history of the reviewer's rating and total review count at certain checkpoints, perhaps weekly, in order to analyze individual improvement over time, though it isn't necessary for this experiment.

    Note: There are several other variables that could be analyzed here, including the country and/or language of the reviewer, the game(s) that they play. I'm sure Niantic has several more internal metrics that they might use to break down these data.

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    Maybe it's easy in English but the poor translation makes it kinda hard in some other languages lol. A friend of mine failed despite picking answers that were (technically) correct. I was with him when he did it and my rating is the best one so I think I'm doing things the good way, yet it looks like the test didn't agree lol. We'll set our Wayfarer to English for the next attempt...

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    More reviewers the faster nominations are gonna get processed, probably wont b the best quality reviewing but better than waiting months for a decision. That being said we need more efforts to bring in more reviewers. The app should have a link to both review & submit. Currently there is only a submit option

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    Hello everyone!

    My nomination which were in voting disappeared (total 6) Can anyone tell me what exactly has happened n do I need to nominate the same ??

  • PkmnTrainerJ-INGPkmnTrainerJ-ING Posts: 5,063 Ambassador

    They’ve likely gone off for a Niantic review. You’ll get them back within a few days with a decision. Not heard of 6 going off at the same time though.

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    unlimited quiz ?

    but why is mine still look like this?

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    And I still don't know what good the quiz does when my bicycle route nomination comes back as a live animal? If 5 year olds can pass this quiz because mommy and daddy did it for them maybe everyone needs to be level 30 before they review just like there need to be level 30 before they nominate. Somebody who just started playing the game or doesn't even play it shouldn't be reviewing stops.

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    Has the 4.3 Update happened ? Thank You

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