Inclusion Rule Bug - Pokémon GO & Ingress

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Hello Explorers,

We have an update for you today about an issue some of you may have noticed concerning a small number of Wayspots that appeared in Pokémon GO and Ingress when they did not meet the inclusion rules. This was an unfortunate error and we apologize for any inconvenience caused. We are planning to resolve this issue today November 10th at 2:00 PM PST.

Our resolution to the error where these rules were ignored in this case was as follows:

  1. We have fixed the issue and rebalanced the Wayspot ratio in each area correctly.
  2. Any location edits/changes to these Wayspots have been reviewed and updated as per Pokémon GO and Ingress policy
  3. While we will try our best to preserve many of these locations, any newly added or edited Wayspots that broke the rules will be disabled (Pokémon GO & Ingress) or demoted (Pokémon GO only) to preserve the integrity of the gameboard.

To clarify, there have been no changes to the Wayspot inclusion rules and the anomalies you noticed were due to a bug. Once the fix is in place, you’ll notice the gameboard return to normal. 

We’ll be starting with a small affected area to make sure all goes well, and then expand globally once we’ve confirmed. You will be seeing these changes starting today at 2:00 PM PST.

Thank you for your understanding! Safe Exploring!

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