Duplicate "Highbury Park" in Mount Waverly, Victoria.

Unicornsrule107-PGOUnicornsrule107-PGO Posts: 111 ✭✭
edited September 2021 in Invalid Wayspot Appeals

These two have been accepted and they are the same sign... "Highbury Park" and "Highbury Park". They are in different locations in the same park, and they both cannot be accurate; at least one is fake.

Compare the photos...

They have the same patterns of smudged dirt, flaky paint and an orange sticker...

And the same skinny dead tree...

And the worn bark on the big tree. On so on and so on.

They had to go out of their way to nominate the exact same sign in two different places. They knew exactly what they were doing to fake at least one of these nominations.



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