Knotts Edit Appeal

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Title of the Wayspot:

Voyage to the Iron Reef

Location: 33.843841,-118.001901

City: Buena Park, CA

Country: US

Screenshot of the Rejection Email:

Photos to support your claim:


Additional information: A few locals and I have reported seeing edits for this Waypoint several time each, each time with even more choices than the last. I am unsure if every time an option gets added the whole process resets, or if it keeps being resubmitted multiple times, but its getting ridiculous. Please correct the titles and description (and a photo edit should be floating around too, or might have gotten rejected or just not upvoted). I DONT think any punishment is needed UNLESS this is all one single user not knowing how the system works, in which case a warning might be needed, but that's your call.

Correct title: Knott's Bear-y Tales Return to the Fair

Correct Description (In summarized words it seems, I googled it with no exact matches): A 4D interactive dark ride that serves as a follow-up to the defunct dark ride Knott's Bear-y Tales, which operated in the same location from 1975 to 1986.



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