Abuse of description editing

Title of the Wayspot:室町1丁目公園


He's trying to add pictographs to the title.

Title of the Wayspot:JR 西条駅


He's trying to change the description to be the same as the title. I don't understand why this is of high quality...

Title of the Wayspot:大田市運動公園の東屋


He suggests adding dots to the kanji to indicate different locations.

Title of the Wayspot:光と闇が交差する、魔訶不思議な窓


This proposed edit to the description says that the POI is a painting, that it doesn't exist and should be removed, and that I question the insight of the person who proposed this POI. I think it should be removed as well, so I present it.

Title of the Wayspot:こころ第十公園(ゆきやなぎ公園)


It looks like they took the word "park" out of the title and tried to make it another POI.

Title of the Wayspot:植田町下中自治会館


It looks like they took the word "Meeting House" out of the title and tried to make it another POI.

Title of the Wayspot:たこ公園のタコ


This title editing suggestion has been reported before, but it has been suggested again.




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