Private property criteria for removal

I just read a submission appeal, and found myself unable to understand how Niantic determines a private property single and residential.

The appeal includes a provincial (BC, Canada) map of the parcel and it’s clearly marked as private and there is a house with 5 bed 2 bath, which suggests it’s single residential. Moreover, by the land classification, it is also residential.

Yet the Niantic reviewer in this case is saying that the POI is “on a small hill thus cannot be on a private property” and ultimately denied the appeal.

I disagree with that statement as the government indicates otherwise. At the same time I just can’t see how Niantic determine the single private residential criteria. Official record says so (supporting with geo-tagged photos of no trespassing sign). However, it seems like with even a slightest doubt (“one should not be able to own a hill?” - which is totally not a thing - again, per government land parcel map) could nullify the the submitted evidences.

So, what are needed to prove something is on a private single residential property?

Besides, I tried to find supporting evidence about hills are not private statement but unsuccessful so far. Did anyone hear of that? Especially if you are from BC, Canada.


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    I've seen recently one restore appeal duplicated in two different threads. In one of them Giffard rejected the appeal and in the other one he replied that they agreed and restored the wayspot.

    It's almost impossible to find out why sometimes Niantic rejects any appeal.

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