Disappearing/Stuck Upload Later Issues & Old Nominations

Hello Explorers, 

We wanted to give you all some updates about areas we have been investigating and have marked as known issues. Please see details below.

Disappearing Upload Later Nominations + Getting Stuck while Uploading

Thank you all for bringing this to our attention. We are actively investigating this issue and will reach out to those who’ve been affected to get more information. For those of you who have already given us the information in community posts, thank you, your information has been recorded. Hope to have more updates soon. 

Old Nominations Reappearing for Review

We have heard from many of you that old nominations dating as far back as 2018 keep coming up in the reviews or appear to be stuck. We have done a preliminary investigation and have marked this as a known issue. We will keep you all updated as we learn more about this issue and have a fix.

Thank you and safe exploring!



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