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Title of the Wayspot: Monument of Lenin

Location: 45.012205,34.034813

City: Simferopol's'kyi district, Crimea

Country: Ukraine

Photos to support your claim:



Additional information: Please restore this portal. If the request for restoration is rejected, I ask you to at least explain the reasons for the rejection and deletion! @NianticGiffard

I suspect the wayspot was removed because it was on company premises. However, it is accessible to multiple players. And not only easily accessible, but also safely accessible. Take a look at the Google Streetview.

Another Streetview:

A free area was created especially for this monument where you can safely walk and stand. There are even benches to sit down there! It is absolutely harmless there!

There is even a museum there, which means that even people are encouraged to visit this place! If this place were dangerous or unsuitable, it would hardly be the case!



On the first photo you can see a model replica of the whole area. The rest of the pictures show a trophy cabinet and various notices from the museum.

Someone claimed that Lenin was banned as a symbol of totalitarism in Ukraine, perhaps that is also one of the reasons for the deletion of the wayspot. But that's a lie, you can prove that very quickly: Take a look at the street names in town!

The photo shows the streets of the city of Simferopol. And one of them is "Lenin".


Thank you for reading. I ask that Niantic deals with this issue, so I would like to keep the players out and not influence Niantic in their decision. Because as written, if my application is rejected, I would like to know the reasons for it.


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