Wrong Duplicate Fischräucherei Altwarp

Title of the Wayspot: Informationstafel Fischräucherei Altwarp

Location: 53.738971,14.269927

City: Altwarp

Country: Germany

Photos to support your claim:

Additional information: I submitted this portal and it was accepted. Please do not delete the portal!

This photo I took is the correct photo: https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/0VaUPEQwMI37vbfG1txg4f0b8i5z6C48BNT-y7frgXAV8Q6muS9mlHeVWYzvWN8OjegnKoid-KL72SRFfi_vL9_HUxgJKNdNpvFqY6wt=s0

A team member (@SzpiLLeq-ING) has now submitted an information board next to it and the reviewers were apparently unable to read. They have rejected her proposal as a duplicate.

One information board deals with the subject of fish smoking and the other with the port. Both look a bit similar, but are definitely different boards!

The photo is currently not shown in-game, but I think it will come soon.

I ask you to remove the new and therefore wrong photo. Thanks.


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