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So I'm trying to submit a historical gravestone in a historical gravesite - something I've done several times without incident, but this particular one keeps giving me difficulty, in fact, it's been denied three times in a row. Let me get into what I have:

This is a gravestone for Henry H. Crapo, a former governor of the state of Michigan. My title is "Governor Henry H. Crapo Gravesite". Pretty straightforward, I think.

Now, knowing ordinary gravesites aren't permitted, I go into the description well ****: "The final resting place of Henry Howland Crapo, the fourth mayor of Flint, Michigan, and the 14th governor of the state of Michigan. Governor Crapo served as mayor of Flint from 1860 to 1861, and as governor from 1865 to 1869. Prior to his career in politics, his family was part of one of the largest lumber businesses in the state, and was instrumental in the creation of several railroads."

Knowing this has been denied twice before (going to be generous and assume people spent more than 20 seconds paying attention), I go ahead and load up the support too: "Niantic’s submission criteria allow for gravestones of notable figures under the heading of “a great place to explore.” Governor Crapo is a notable local figure in that he was mayor of the city, and governor of the state. The cemetery in which he is buried is on the National Register of Historic Places, and the section of this cemetery in which he is buried no longer has new burials; rather, it contains several other historic figures and those that helped grow the Flint area. In addition, the headstone itself is nearly 140 years old. You can read more here if you wish:"

And then, for good measure, throw in a support photo that shows location (although a photosphere already does that), and a few snippets showing "hey, this counts":

Heck, there's even a gravestone like, 50 feet away of another governor's gravesite (that pointy one on the left) that didn't get this kind of hassle.

So I ask: what could I do to improve my chances of this getting through?


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    Nothing. Niantic have said that items in cemeteries are not eligible and the "sensitive location" rejection reason is the one to use. The only exceptions are for historical gravestones (sorry - never head of this chap so he would not be "historical" enough for me) or in sites with established monuments. If it is an everday, still in use cemetary then you have little chance of getting it through.

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    So this is why my submission was denied - "Location Sensitive". And actually, this is incorrect - as I posted above, the "Criteria" link in Wayfarer includes "historical gravestones" under the very first heading of "a great place to explore", to which this applies (the cemetery in which he is buried is also locally historically important and no longer features active burials, which was also stated above). In fact, I went ahead and pasted it in the support photo, and also in fact, the "Location Sensitive" actually means, "Sensitive locations like gravestones (not associated with a significant/historical figure)". Simply because you haven't heard of him does not mean he is not significant. He is significant to *my area*, which I felt I had done a convincing job of addressing.

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    ”never heard of this chap so he would not be historical enough for me” is such a very poor answer, and I feel as though you did not even read the original post. It is clearly a historical gravestone, which the author very clearly outlined. There are several people in the history of the world who have done important things or held important offices that I have not heard of, but would listen if one were attempting to teach or point out, as the author has done.

    I feel badly for the author, as he/she/they have encountered poor voters multiple times.

    I would simply suggest submitting it again and perhaps hope for a Niantic review.

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    hey, thanks for the reply. actually though, it's pretty cut and dry in the wayfarer criteria under "a great place to explore". "historical gravestones" are eligible, as you mentioned yourself, and i described just how it is historical (and even threw in the guideline in the support photo, just fyi) - just because you haven't heard of someone doesn't make them any less historical.

    if i'm visiting another state or country, there's a good chance i'm not aware of their important local figures.

    in any case, everything you've mentioned was addressed by me in my original post.

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    i forgot to say - "location sensitive" is why this was rejected three times (though the first time, it also had "doesn't meet criteria", which...wrong). and apologies if this triple posts, i edited my original reply the other day, and i guess it never made it through moderation!

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