Appeal of Wayspot rejection by Niantic - Artus Kortárs Művészeti Stúdió

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By the precedence set by this thread, I am hereby appealing the rejection made by Niantic reviewers.

Title of the Wayspot: Artus Kortárs Művészeti Stúdió

Location: 47.45959, 19.04448

City: Budapest

Country: Hungary

Screenshot of the rejection email:

Photos of the nomination itself:

Additional information: this is a Contemporary Arts Studio. Its events include theatrical performances, arts exhibitions and concerts. It has a permanent company led by Gábor Goda, an internationally well-recognised coreographer and director.

The studio has a website that offers all information in English as well:

I know that the picture isn't the best, but the studio itself is located on the first floor of a former industrial complex and it's practically impossible to photograph. However, the following picture proves that the same sign has been displayed since at least 2011, so it's a permanent proxy to the studio itself

Another possible issue with the nomination is that the Google Maps tag is slightly misplaced. If you compare the above Street View image with the following Google Maps screenshot, though, you can clearly see that the tag is located on top of 77 Elektronika's building (which is an electronics company). I have already sent in a location edit in Google Maps, but it hasn't been updated yet.

However, I can provide some further evidence that the studio is actually located where I put the marker: On the 2018 Street View capture, you can see the chairs and tables placed in front of the studio.

Please re-review this nomination.



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