Description edit

Saddlebrook West Bike Path #1

39.004013, -76.745249

Bowie, MD


There were 2 edit suggestions when I submitted this one. This one is the correct one but the previous one is incorrect. Since we cannot edit our edits, I had to submit two. For ease, here are the two ID numbers:

Wrong edit: ZtBtxLmgnF35rgxZHjqI4n5wIfbIc6ZyVXk4tHtXD7U=

Correct edit: mz3Yn9uuo8HxWBafL6oSQzMidLxQvxpNNKowEr/vhAQ=

As you know, this area has had trouble with troll wayfarers, which you thankfully have resolved. The neighborhood has bike path signs through out it as there are many entrances to it. The signs are approved because of obvious reasons and also because they have the unique neighborhood logo on them.

When #1 was approved by another player, it had an old title. I got that changed as to get the others, they had to have different numbers (I was told) to designate that there are more than one. So, I attempted to make them all the same with the title & description format.

The description should read as the screenshot shows, as it will match the others around it.

Side note: I do not believe it was trolling that turned this one down. I believe it was confusion of the double edit suggestions that decline it, but without knowledge of the surrounding area and the other current (and coming) bike path sign entrances, wayfarers would not know which edit is correct.

All of this work is going into two neighborhoods, one which has a number of GO players who no longer play, or are extremely inactive. Building up their community may bring them back to the game.

Thank you for all that you do!



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