Wayspot name change to original

Title of the Wayspot: tu lezi bezpalec stabilo nestabilny

Location: <48.260636,17.272609>

City: Slovensky Grob

Country: Slovakia

Photos to support your claim:

Additional information:

"tu lezi bezpalec stabilo nestabilny" means in slovakian here lies(buried) bezpalec(without thumb) stabilo the unstable.

This is a ridiculous name change proposed(somehow accepted by the community) by an ingress player attacking another from the other faction. The affected is "profile check @StabiloTheGreen" . Who really lost his thumb in a car accident long ago, even before ingress existed. Also thanks got, he still lives.

  1. Please rename the portal to original name or "Pútnická kaplnka Sedembolestnej Panny Márie"

Similar attack on the same person

wayspot in question: Pamatna Lipa , Loc: <48.285936,17.270229> Pezinok, Slovakia

"Pamätáš si, keď ti odjebalo palec" translated to Slovakian means : Do you remember, when your thumb got f.....d? Noun : Jebať

2.Not sure, if the edit is already completed, if not please remove it from voting

I do apologize for such language, but wanted to give a proper view of harassments, abuse we are dealing here. I think this crosses all the lines and is unacceptable behavior/requests from any agent/player in any game and should be punished.

Thank you very much.

With regards,




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