Location edit : Approx.15 m away (current location is inaccessible to pedestrians & on a signboard )

Canadian Bible Society

Location : 43.7412150 , -79.314683 (current location)

Toronto , Canada

Satellite Photo of the Structure :

Current pinned location is incorrectly pegged to middle of lawn which is NOT for pedestrian use ( instead of it being pegged to Building / natural point of discovery / actual entrance all of which are a good 10+ metres behind & are accessible to pedestrians ) & it can be confirmed through Streetview as well

It is be placed in the yard closer to Lawrence ave. but that grossly incorrect because the REAL Building itself is only accessible from Carnforth Rd & its location is 10 Carnforth Rd as shown below ( including the proposed newer location @ 43.74104, -79.3146 in focus of pic below )

Correct Co-ordinates should be : 43.74104, -79.3146 ( or even 43.741028, -79.314634 as shown in the email screenshot ) Both of these are accessible to pedestrians at large & lay near the natural point of discovery & also near the entrance instead of what currently is in the centre of yard )



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