Are cycling trailmarker eliglbe in Germany?

After the last criteria clarification I nominated lots of cycling trails. I currently stand at 52 rejections and none accepted.

I used trailmarkers like this to nominate the trail.

As you can see in the trail Marker, there are two cycling trails marked at this sign.

1. LGS-Route (Landesgartenschau-Route)

2. Route Industriekultur

Both are touristic cycling trails.

In the description I mention the length of the trail, where it starts and where it finishes. And what you can see along the trail, like sights, natural features, ...

If there are two trails marked by sign like in the example above, I focus on one trail.

The title of the POI is always the name of the trail and the location of the trail marker.

Example: LGS-Route - Location Münsterstraße

I definitly make sure that the location can be found on the map. I provide links to the route of the trail and more informations of the trail. In the supporting information.

Am I doing something wrong. Are those cycling trails not eliglbe?

@NianticGiffard What do I have to do to get cycling trails approved?


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