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    Thank you for the update, especially before the previously intended release date. While disapointing to hear (Especially with the new contribution cap update coming ahead) I'm glad the team believes that it's more important to make sure this feature is bug free before release rather than push it out the door quicker.

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    Hello @NianticTintino - speaking of expected product/feature releases, any word on the new abuse report system that was promised for October? November is only a few days away.

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    At least we know beforehand but can you folks try and get something launched on time? Maybe even announce a later date so that you can then get things released “early” even?

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    Apart from the fact that the feature "for the in-game limit" will make everything worse. Finally implement the announced feature for submitting "Appeals for rejected nominations"! This has a higher priority than anything else that has been announced for the next few days and weeks. Or give us some information about it. It can't be to announce something for this update and then act 1 year later!

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    Don't worry, the nomination cap changes are also delayed. They just forgot to announce it. Expected update on January 1st 2024.

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    Their initial reasoning was that they didnt wanna hinder the submission process, they wanted more submissions to come in as easily as possible to help grow their network. but i do believe they since changed & will be requiring a test but only for new submitters.

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    Es wäre a) dringend und wichtig, die gültigen Kriterien gut zugänglich an EINER Stelle zu bündeln. Und b) sollten an Termin X dann diese Kriterien beim Einloggen ALLEN Wayfarern, egal wie lange sie schon bewerten, angezeigt werden.

    Es kann doch nicht sein, dass die Regeln zum Bewerten an x verschiedenen Stellen hinterlegt sind. Wer sucht denn so intensiv danach?

    Viele Bewertungen von Nominierungen, die nach den Kriterien eigentlich zulässig sind, machen den Eindruck, als hätte da jemand bewertet, an dem eventuelle Neuregelungen unbemerkt vorübergezogen sind. Daher: Stichtag X: Einblendung der neuen Kriterien für ALLE!

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    I can't understand. There are many bulletin boards managed by Nyan, and they talk about the standards, draw different conclusions, and judge by wayfarer. I can't draw any conclusions because of the collision.

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    Ignore all the non-Niantic bulletin boards. The only official sources of information are this forum and the Wayfarer pages.

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    Bentoxa cuno masi kio, tamas hewy goup poca. Leate.....

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    I had 5 approvals today, of stuff nominated at various times, when my area normally takes months. Guessing it was because this change is getting more and more people to understand the criteria better and more interested in wayfarer. Hopefully we see more stuff like it in the future, cause it’s making a real positive impact in my area!

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    Ich habe folgendes Problem.

    Login über Google Mail Konto, lief immer ohne Probleme.

    Seit Release von Pikmin Bloom wurde mein Google Konto für Pikmin benutzt.

    Dies ließ ich von Niantic wieder entkoppeln um es wieder für Pokémon Go nutzen zu können.

    Problem bei der Sache, alle Wayfarer Erfolge sind verschwunden und die Seite fordert mich auf, einen Trainingstest zu machen.

    Leider kann ich den nicht bestehen.

    Kann mir jemand helfen?

    Anbei einige Bilder zu den unlösbare Bildern.

  • I am a new wayfarer that just started less than a week ago, so I likely bring a different perspective from many. I pushed hard in Go for 14 months, so I could join. In my short time, I have submitted 12 locations. The first was quickly voted down… the closest one to home, which I will rework later. Of the next group of 11, two were put for immediate voting, and I believe they have a good chance of being accepted.

    From these actions, I realized something about what kind of locations are REALLY WANTED, and I believe that should be more clearly stated.

    1. Nationally unique location. If it is an older location that can be seen via StreetView, the chances likely go up significantly. Other stops may eventually be accepted, but if accepted will not be done so as quickly.

    Below are a couple generic examples:

    Public street art or other object that can be seen nowhere else. The street art could be a unique statue, decorated bench, or mural. An object could be a public clock on the street or an ultra unique building.

    Public Memorial or sign to a specific person, where a similar memorial cannot be found in another location anywhere else.

    The submissions also have to meet all the documentation requirements, which cannot be skimped on, such as:

    1. Good submission… picture, title, description, location… best if can be seen in StreetView, so better if the place is not new and not a trail marker.
    2. Public, easy and safe access that is unquestionable.

    The above is not saying that other location that are more generic will not qualify, and the documentation must specify that. I just believe it should be clearer what kind of spot are REALLY WANTED…. Nationally unique locations that cannot be found in the next town or next state and meet all the submission documentation requirements.

  • The second point I learned is related to the current voting process, and how I was doing it wrong. With the current formulas, you are better off fully approving a location 5 stars or totally rejecting it…. Giving the location two or three stars does nothing to help yourself or likely them. I find this to be backwards and counter intuitive, but I am not surprised, because I heard the complains about this in advance. The easiest way to match others selection is to pick an extreme. That is human nature and how the math works. The current formula for counting incentives rejecting a location for any minor reason. Up till now, I have been slow to fully reject by giving 2 and 3, but I now see that to be a complete mistake. It is either 5 or 1. Anything else is a waste of time, which is very unfortunate.

    I would rather see a process that incentivized assisting other players to make requests better at least for documentation, so there is a better chance for them to pass in a future resubmission. I much prefer spending time helping others than just going…. Bad, bad, bad, good, like in the kids game “duck-duck-go”. Like the game the current process just encourages hitting everyone on the head. Eventually, someone gets selected for the right to run in circles and go absolutely nowhere. If you are really, really lucky and very fast, you get to catch the person and win…. How often does that happen again? There are exceptions for nationally unique locations, however most places go through a process more similar to the above.

    There has to be a better way than Perfect or Reject, with nothing in between. The selections are there, however I now see them as selections with no uses.

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