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Can't submit remotely ( not even 1 metre away) , since location bounces back on both ios/android os

bug first experienced approx . 6 days ago on BOTH iOS & Android devices on Pokémon Go app

Explanation: since the 19th November (approx) remote submissions (nominations) error out & location chosen on map jumps back to current location , even something inches away (it was working fine before the 19th November) goes back to current location . Before the 19th we could submit something many kilometres away without any problem .

This problem started since the moment we started choosing location on map with 2 fingers instead of 1 . Navigating the location picker with 1 finger worked perfectly but around the 19th Nov remote nominations dont work , the nomination is practically wasted if the location is so far off !

bug experienced by lots of folks :

for eg 2 reddit posts below.



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