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Inauguration Plaques

For real, I don't like if submitters in my country keep telling some certain objects are eligible yet Niantic didn't give any official statement of it!

This is an inauguration plaque ("Plakat peresmian" in Indonesia) of a local multifunctional building ("gedung serbaguna") of a village inaugurated by local authorities (in this case, head of local village ("lurah") and local subvillage ("ketua RW")).

And below are what this submitter say in the supporting information:

"Plaque is an eligible object, this building is a place to gather or hang out for residents of Perumahan Bentang Asri (the location of that building), not a generic store, not located on the grounds of any schools, for accuracy please look at Google Street View, this building's plaque is visible from the Street View, thanks"

Yet the only acceptable (and the only options in "What is it?" section) is dedication plaque and memorial plaque. So, should inauguration plaques like that eligible? Or, should that plaque treated as name sign?

Thank you.


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