Subdivision Signage - Some make it in, some do not! Let us talk....

Greetings fellow players and reviewers. I live in Idaho and have been playing PoGo since its first week. I have been submitting POI's actively since it was started. There are many subdivisions in the Treasure Valley that have either Pokestops or Gyms for the entrance marker. These may or may not have been present since the beginning, but I am seeing many more in the review queue. Let us talk openly about what might qualify and what does not.

1 - Uniqueness? What qualifies as unique? I am sure it in the eye of the beholder. There are many entrance signs that are unique in their own right based on size/shape/material, while some are just plain "jane" signs on a post.

2 - Pedestrian access? As noted in prior AMA's, Niantics stance is that if an area does not have a sidewalk to the area in question, it should not be approved. So, with that said, I reject every single "island" entrance sign that is only bordered by a curb, some possible grass/flowers, then asphalt or concrete road. I am seeing more entrance signs showing up like this.

3 - PRP? How far away from a PRP line does a stop have to be to qualify IF it is still in the common areas of a subdivision. Example: I have submitted an entrance sign which is like 6ft from the sidewalk, in the grass (common area), and like 60ft or so away from a private property fence. It has been rejected on 2 occasions for "PRP." Not sure why this is an issue, especially if you compare it to POI's being submitted in areas with a high apartment/condo/townhouse population, where one can spin from their couch.

Any way, thanks for taking the time to review. Lets open it up for all. Have a good day. :)


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    I only approve those signs if they are unique, ( not just lettering, but effort was made to display the culture of the town) next to or are part of a pergola/ pavilion / rest area attached to it, or like standards say, sidewalk locked. they themselves don't encourage exploration but if you see glimpse of what the town has to offer on the sign then yes, they advertise exploitation of the place they are welcoming you to.

  • SubDude596-PGOSubDude596-PGO Posts: 21 ✭✭

    These are so subjective. How many people explore or get exercise or socialize at a post office yet they are eligible. I could go on and on.

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    Standalone, dedicated Post Office buildings are eligible because they promote social communication with others through mail and packages. They do not fit under the Promotes Exercise criteria. Subdivision and Town signs aren't there as a place to gather: they may promote a particular developer, or mark a town border. Yes, people can meet there in theory, but people can meet at road signs or random street lamps just as well.

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    Thank you for your reply, but i have to disagree. At least in my are, they are next to sidewalks/pathways encouraging walking running and dog walking. I see people daily daily using these paths and many times there are groups walking which is socialization. As for the other comments about post offices, I mind my business there and do not see it as a social gathering place…. It’s is not coffee shop where you can loiter and “socialize”

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    3 Criteria for Yes:

    1) Exercise. ---- Not applicable to these

    2) Place to Gather ---- 99% of time people don't gather at these signs. I could see a slim chance for a sign that also had a notice for "Community Gathering at 6 PM to discuss rules".... type thing but I have never personally seen one that applies that way

    3) Place to Explore --- Slim Chance.

    Is the sign artistic enough, that someone might stop look and admire it... I've seen a few where I've walked my dog and stopped because of flowers/design. You'd have a hard time convincing reviewers, but if you explain that in additional info and people look and say yeah.... yeah maybe it will work

    Is the community unique in some way that you might want to explore it for a place to live. Maybe its neighborhood with lots of artists. Again, you'd have to convince reviewers with your additional info why should someone explore this subdivision specifically. I'm not sure It work mind you.... But if I ran across this I'd at least consider it

    I don't know if they are patently "Ineligible" as I haven't seen a link to Niantic saying "Never".... Especially a modern link... the criteria refresh to those 3 categories actually invalidates many older clarifications.

    I'd say your chances of getting one approved are Slim. But if you are going to go for it... focus on Place to Explore and why should the reviewer agree that the sign encourages exploration.

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