Application to reinstate falsely demoted pokegym

Hello readers, I am writting to bring to your attention that recently a pokegym in my college campus was demoted to a pokestop due a glitch.

The said gym was more than 2 years old and was provided the 'ex-raid' gym status after some months of getting live in the game. It is or should i say was the only gym in my college campus and all the players of my community are heavily dependant for daily coins and raiding needs on the said gym.

The creation of this gym resulted in an increase of active players in the community, we grew from a handful to a point where we could have multiple full lobbies during a raid.

This gym should be reinstated with its 'ex-raid' gym status as not only it contributed towards increasing the active player base of pokemon go but also holds sentimental value for each player in the community as it helped all of us to connect and become friends.

Title of the gym: Basketball Court

Location : 28.630252243316416, 77.37152998574288


  • Even in my area many gyms have converted back to pokestops , which has made it impossible for me to grind coins. In times when many players are leaving pokemon go , niantic should be more careful with these updates which harm the player base directly.

  • I completely agree. The same incident happened where I live too. The most important and active gym of the locality was demoted to a pokestop and several players stopped playing or became less active due to that. It was the most easily accessible gym for the entire Pokemon Go community there.

    And this is not the only reason, people also left because it takes time and effort to make nominations live into gyms and much more to have it at an ideal location.

    And when such things happen, it just takes everything away.

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    This is not a Wayfarer issue. You must contact Pokemon Go support via the in-game app, but they don't usually revert demotions.

  • Please get in touch with our dedicated team using this link ( and explain your concern under the "Describe your problem here" section. One of our reps will look into this for you.

    That being said, I'll be closing this thread.

    Thank you!

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