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Hello Explorers,

It’s that time again. Our December AMA will start on December 8, 2021 (TODAY)! Similar to our Sept. AMA, this is the time for you to ask your most pressing questions about Wayfarer and vote on other questions you want answered. Once voting is done, 15 questions will be selected and sent to our team for responses.

As before, there will be a question submission period and a voting period, all coming to a close when we post the answers to 15 of the most voted on questions. Please check out the dates below: 

  • Question Submission Period: 12/8/21 - 12/13/21
  • Voting Period: 12/14/21 - 12/19/21
  • Responses Posted: 12/23/21

With that being said, we will be doing things a little different this time. For this AMA we will be creating a new Category in the Community titled December AMA where you’ll be able to ask your question(s) as a New Discussion (as you would in any other category). Since the New Discussion title can only be so long, add the topic of your question in the title. If you have a similar question or an addition to the question, please make sure you go into the discussion and add to it. When it comes to voting, you’ll be able to vote for the question (discussion) that you want answered once you click into the December AMA category (similar to the bugs category). Keep in mind you’ll only be able to cast one vote per question. We hope that this method can help address some of the previous concerns such as asking your question within the first page, counting votes, the same questions being asked multiple times, etc. 

We’re looking forward to all of the questions and let me know if you have any questions in the original post HERE

Safe Exploring!

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