Upcoming Wayfarer features and updates

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Hello Explorers!

We have a busy week ahead, and I wanted to make sure you were all in the know.


On Wed Dec 8th, we’ll be shipping our last release of the year (Wayfarer 4.4) which will include:

  • Updates to the “What is it Question” (aka category validation)
  • Ability to appeal a rejected nomination through Wayfarer
  • Anonymous and private abuse reporting through Wayfarer

More info will be posted with the release notes.


This Thursday Dec 9th, we’re shipping the Wayspot categorization feature for Wayspot nominations and edits in Pokémon GO for the US, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, and India. We will roll this out to the rest of the world in January. Category selection will be required on your nominations and will soon also be displayed in the reviews in Wayfarer, so that reviewers have a bit more context from you.

Categories tagged on live Wayspots as edits will be funneled through Wayfarer for others to validate, but will not contribute to your Agreements for now, since there's technically no collective agreement to be made on these (yes I am thinking of better rewarding mechanisms for this type of validation question!). Ultimately the categories will be used by all Niantic games for new, more context specific, game mechanics and more!


Also this week, we’ll be launching our new and improved Wayfarer emails! We’re super excited about the fresh new look and updates to the emails you get about the status of your edits, reports, and nominations. New Explorers also receive an email inviting them to join the community once they reach eligibility in Pokémon GO or Ingress. They’ll now be coming from [email protected] so please make sure you keep an eye out for it in your spam if you’re not seeing them in your main inbox.

Thanks! Details to come later this week.



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