Could We Have Some Clarification On How The Gameboard is Populated?

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I see a lot of people on this forum and elsewhere getting frustrated at how Wayspots they put in the effort to nominate (and perhaps even review in order to obtain an "upgrade") and patiently wait to be accepted do not appear in the game(s) they play. I believe that if there was increased clarity on this subject there would be fewer topics expressing frustration. Thank you.

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    There are several ones, so they will provide a non-answer to this question.

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    If they are gonna provide a non-answer and they only pick 15 questions, then I would prefer that they focus on those questions where they are gonna provide real answers.

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    "have figured it out ages ago"

    AFAIK HPWU never was really figured out. There were theories, but there was always outliers in those theories.

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    They do not need to tell the mechanism.

    But in the nomination process there should be a warning if the nomination would not appear in the game you nominate the POI in.

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    I do think the current wording about eligible and acceptable POI is confusing. A simple sentence when submitting saying "Even if your submission is considered eligible by reviewers it may not appear in your favourite game due to proximity to other waypoints" would be enough. Explicity telling submitters that it wont appear would discourage people from submitting good POI. There are many cells where a fairly generic POI like a playground or notice board was accepted first but there is a much better POI added later. It would be nice to have these rotate periodically or a way to vote for the best in wayfarer. Personally I still submit all POI regardess of whether they appear in one game or another because you never know how the game mechanics may change, better to have everything in the database so it is availalble to use in future. In the early days when the Ingress and Pokemon systems were still very intertwined, you would still get increased spawns around portals even if a pokestop didnt appear at that place, but I doubt this is still the case.

    PS: Kinda related... Does anybody know if the Pikmin game board will update and get new POI as they are accepted?

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    Maybe Niantic could find a different way to include all waypoints in Pokemon, even if its not a stop. So people still feel like their time submitting was worthwhile, without cluttering the game board.

    Ingress uses almost all of them (If theres a stop in Pokemon that doesnt appear in ingress and it's not within 20m of another, try upvoting the photos and waiting a few days). Pikmin still uses wayoints that dont apear as flowers or mushrooms; your pikmin can find postcards and fruit from expeditions. I have some ideas, I'm sure theres better ones.

    1) Rotating stops and gyms mentioned above. Keeps the game board fresh. People discover new places. New gym badges and postcards to collect.

    2) Buddy can find rare items. Have a glisten on the floor like Pokemon Shield. When you get close your buddy picks up an item. (Meowth with payday finds coins ;-))

    3) Have a small berry **** where you can pick a random bery periodically with a chance to get a gold/silver one. (Small chance of a rocket gunt jumping out of the **** instead lol)

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    I cant believe **** is censored. Naughty shrubberies ! 🤣

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    Unfortunately I have my doubts that niantic will fully answer this one...but I hope they prove me wrong.

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