The farce of Vaterstetten

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Evrytrhing started with a random report of a photoshop Pikachu powerbox in this thread:

Since Photoshop fakes are often gregarious animals I checked the other wayspots of that town, and found, that the fake Pikachu was surrounded by a strange tree educational trail (so wayspot title as well as infoboards title included the german word for tree educational trail). What was strange?

  • Location in a town. Lots of boards nice arranged around the fake Pikachu, fitting the cell rules of PGO. Others were far away (without a route, that woud make sense for visitors) .... so nice fake home cluster for the faker, and single stops for others, I guess.
  • lots of mountings were very bad. No official instances would do this that way. One of the boards stood free in a forked branch. Another one was screwed into the tree (bad idea, because this hurts the tree. The tree cant deal with screws because of its secondary growth of girth). Way to go: nails, that dont oxidize.
  • infoboards can be bought online by evryone, printing a town crest on them included, 32€ per board.

What happened? Niantic removed all the wayspots.

Then someone wrote a mail to the town government. Result: they got a neutral verbalized answer, that this is authorized. Later we found out, that the faker asked afterwards. So after placing his DIY infoboards without permission.

As a next step two things happened simultaneously:

  1. The fakers main account started a recreation appeal, that is not answered by Niantic. Roughly at the same time he created google markers for each of his infoboards with a single 5* google review for each one. Someone removed them later...
  2. The faker started appeals for random other wayspots in his town on his own. Will visit that point again at the end

The wayspots are now back, some of them seem to be the same ones like before, others have different pictures now:

So back to his strange appeals:

Why did he do these strange appeals?

Before all that stuff was spotted he wanted to become admin in our German wayfarer Telegram groups. After this was spotted .... he wnated to whitewash his reputation. And because Vaterstetten got a place at our blacklist of towns, that are known for lots of fakes, he wanted to have it removed from the list, I guess.

So please @NianticGiffard explain, what's your staffs oppinion about this, so that this strange farce can have an end.

Imho well done DIY things are okay. But a well done tree education trail should have a sensible route, the fitting trees next to the infoboards, well mounted, and usually its in parks or woods .... this example shows only greed, and that the faker isn't the brightest bulb in the chandelier ....



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