Title and Description Edit

Title of the Wayspot: Parroquia Nuestra Señora Del Rosario

Location: -11.980148,-77.03975

City: Lima

Country: Perú

Photos to support your claim:

Additional information: The real name of this wayspot is "Iglesia San Martin de Porres", by mistake they named it after another church that already exists in another nearby place in the same urbanization (-11.980675,-77.049362):

Also the description of the wayspot is wrong, the "Iglesia San Martín de Porres" is located in the "Tahuantinsuyo" urbanization: https://fb.watch/a5W4f-9e2z/

Please edit the title and description of the wayspot.

Suggested Title: Iglesia San Martin de Porres

Suggested Description: Iglesia catolica de los devotos de San Martin de Porres, ubicada en la urbanizacion Tahuantinsuyo.



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