My Nomination was unrightfully declined!

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I finally hit level 38....and cast a nomination.

I nominate a piece of Playground Equipment that has been in our community for more than 25 years.

"Playground Bus" Everyone in the community has played on this Bus. Even myself, and now years later I nominate it for a stop. Only to have it denied for being "Temporary, Or Seasonal Display"

That couldn't be farther from the truth. This piece of PLAYGROUND EQUIPMENT, is made out of METAL, and is BOLTED TO THE GROUND. You couldn't move this thing if you tried!!

And now after being denied, I CAN NOT APPEAL it. For some reason I am not getting the chance to appeal it. It is going to be 48 hours since it was denied, and I don't know what to do.


Myself, and my fellow Trainers in the community would love more stops in the area. There are close to ZERO stops in our area.

But please help me out here and let me appeal it or something.


It is clearly not a seasonal/temporary display.

Thank you!



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    In addition to what Hank said, @TeamRocketLT-PGO good idea to look up how the gameboard is populated (for Pokémon GO) in order to maximise the amount of Wayspots in your presumably rural area. As in look up what S17 cells are.

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    Kind of combining the two previous posts: are the swings or the "playground" already a stop/portal? If so, that could also influence the rejection -- you can nominate a playground as a whole, but each piece of playground equipment is not an eligible nomination.

    Hank's suggestion is very helpful. The first pic of the piece of equipment kind of looks like it's in someone's yard, due to the fence, shed, lawnmower, plus has the lens flare. The surrounding area photo makes it much clearer that it's a park-type area, and hopefully the map would too. I'd try one focused on the swings and with the bus thing in the background (or if you really feel like the bus is the significant thing, the bus in foreground but clearly show swings in background, meaning go **** over the fence inward into the park) and nominate the "playground" as a whole.

    Crappy rejections happen. I had a gigantic state park sign (over 2 meters tall and 1 meter wide), with the state park name, mounted on metal poles, rejected as temporary/seasonal recently also. Remember that most reviewers are barely skimming the nominations, so make your photos really clear that it's a park play area.

    You don't have a waiting period to resubmit it with a different photo and name -- you can run out there today and do it. Since there are so few stops in the area, it should go into voting again quickly and hopefully get approved. Probably far quicker than doing an appeal. My appeal I submitted a few weeks ago is sitting there doing nothing. 😉

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