Looking for help to make portals pokestops

Can anyone help me everything I try to make a stop or portal gets shut down… I know I use great areas public park or camping grounds like yogi bear and such also a water tower but all get declined any pointers would be much appreciated 💪🤘✊👍


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    No, you shouldn't begging for Pokestops or Portals.

    If you're only care for in-game objects then you shouldn't participate in Wayfarer.

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    Show us some of the nominations in full that got rejected - photo, supporting photo and text. One nomination per thread works out best for discussion purposes. Post in the "Nomination improvement" section. Rejection reasons can be very specific.

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    Start here:


    Very carefully read everything in all three sets of criteria so that you have a good understanding of what is and isn't eligible. I review a lot, and I also see lots of "Why did this get rejected?" posts on various forums. It's surprising how often the much of the stuff I review is completely ineligible, and how often the people complaining about rejections have submitted something that is ineligible. Don't use the things you see in games right now as a guideline for eligibility... read the rules. Twice.

    @Kellerrys-ING already linked to my "How to submit things that get accepted" essay, but here's the TL;dr: Make an effort to make your submissions look good to reviewers, and also to help reviewers understand what it is and why it's valuable. Something like a set of tennis courts shouldn't need much more than a good photo, title, description, and to confirm that reviewers can find it in street or satellite view. For something like a local restaurant that's special you're going to have to work harder to explain to reviewers why it's not just another generic restaurant.

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    If you are submitting things that are no-brainer nominations in areas like parks, there's a good chance that they are in a cell that's already occupied and therefore won't get made into a pokestop, or they're within 20m of another waypoint and will not appear in game. Do you play Ingress as well as PoGo? I started playing Ingress (and got to meet @Hosette-ING) in part so I could have a little more visibility into the map (but then discovered it was fun on its own, should hit level 15 today!). I was shocked how many of the things I was nominating in Pogo were already portals but not pokestops. Ingress also lets you see how many meters away from other portals you are.

    I think posting the nominations for feedback as suggested by @sogNinjaman-ING and @Kellerrys-ING is a great idea. If you used the campground entrance sign people might have rejected that as not meeting criteria, but if you picked something like a communal gathering area or art feature within the campground, that would be a better nomination. Water towers can be tricky if they have a fence or no path leading to them (no pedestrian access). Even looking through other posts in that that sub is a great way to learn about how to improve your nominations.

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