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Single Nomination used 2 of my upgrades instead of only 1

NFSUnderground1-PGONFSUnderground1-PGO Posts: 1 ✭✭
edited December 2021 in Report a Bug

Hello, this is my first post and i don't have the best english, I found a POI to send and I sent it through Pokemon GO, hours later when I returned to my house I saw that it was in a queue, I applied "Next Upgrade" to it and 2-3 hours later I saw that there were three tags in the nomination "In Queue" "Upgraded" and "Upgrade Next" but when i saw the "Upgraded" tag i effectively see the upgrade got discounted from my accout beacuse i had 5 and now 4, hours later I see that the "Next Upgrade" tag disappeared but now I only have 3 upgrades, so this nomination used 2 upgrades when it should be only one like normal

Can somebody please return my upgrade that was used even if it was already upgraded? thanks

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