[POGO] Pokestop got accepted but doesnt show up in the game


In July this year, I submitted a pokestop in my location. On early November I got a mail that the pokestop got accepted and that it can take 48 hours to see it in the game. Well, now we have 30th of December and the Stop still is not in the game. Today I made an ingress account to see if the Stop is in this game and was very surprised. It actually is in the game. How stupid is that?

I mean you do a lot of things (like studying the evaluating-criterias and make the test) and invest a lot of time to improve the quality of the gaming experience in your location and that is what you get? You submit a pokestop in your area, where in my case no stops really exist and then you get a positive feedback but the Stop doesn't show up in the game you submitted it in. Are you serious? What kind of frustrating system is that? That isn't a rewarding system and it really stops the motivation in evaluating pokestops on the wayfarer-page.

Please, can you have a look at the Stop and tell me why it is not in Pokémon go, the game I submitted that Stop in? I don't play ingress and have no interest in doing so. I love playing Pokémon Go and try everything to enhance the experience in my special location. We have 1 pokestop nearby that got added some days ago and 2 further away, that's it. Please, I just want to know the reason this Stop didn't make it in PoGo but in Ingress (where I don't need it)

Location of the Pokestop:


Picture of the ingress-Stop attached.

Coordinates: 51.25582,7.255378

Confirmation Mail (German):

Many thanks in advance for any kind of feedback.


@NianticAaron @NianticGiffard @NianticVK



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