now closed territory

Title of the Wayspot: Заповедник Утриш

Location: 44.743404,37.408995

City: большой утриш

Country: russia

Additional information: portals in this zone unavailable now. they are located on the territory of the national park and are closed to the public.
the passage along the coastline after the fire in the national park is now closed
u can find find comments on gmaps for this place. nude beach, waterwall "pearl" and eco-centr, lagoon 1 and glamping "kind" now unavailable.

I received a reply to the mail from the official website stating that the eco center and glamping are closed.
glamping site: now now working
off site national park :,
and about utrish  situation
u can find a lot of info about confrontation ecologists with tourism business.



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    Just a tip from me: Not everyone can speak Russian, it might make sense to translate at least the things shown into English?

    I just looked at it. The other 3 wayspots in the area don't even have pictures. That is trash. I support at least the deletion of this 3. I abstain from my opinion on the reported wayspot.

  • br14dth88-INGbr14dth88-ING Posts: 16 ✭✭
    I learned English, so what's stopping you from learning Russian? u can use translator in 21 сentury.
    i m doing work instead nia and use eng,  attached original screenshots.

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    In the past, in 2006, 2010, people came to this territory to live wildly, in tents, makeshift houses. various hippies and adherents of wild life in nature without the benefits of modern civilization. later in 2017, these lands were "seized" by businessmen and opened a resort business. it is a mafia, working in the reserve, but in no way related to the reserve. They provided a hotel located on the beach for rich people, this place 1 is marked in the screenshots, the rest who lived for free in this area simply began to kick out. they put a checkpoint. in our time, after the fire occurred, after environmental inspections it all revealed. now this area is closed to visitors. the official website of the reserve gave the answer that this place is not available, the website of the hotel does not work. There are guard posts around the borders, guarded by gamekeepers. now agents from the region come there and cannot pass. this portal is abused by one agent, who used to live as a savage in the forest on the territory of the reserve and probably knows how to get past the guards.

    This is the situation in brief, if you want to search and study the situation on the Internet. I have given several links to articles. now there is a struggle with the tourist business in the name of nature conservation. after the recent fire there was destroyed more than 10 hectares of relict forest. and just to go for a walk a person will not work.

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    If gamekeepers and National Park officials are allowed to access the location and it is otherwise safely accessible on foot, the Wayspot should remain in my opinion. Restricted access is not a reason for removal.

  • br14dth88-INGbr14dth88-ING Posts: 16 ✭✭

    The reserve is home to roe deer, bears, jackals, wild boars. this is a place of wildlife, which is kept in pristine condition, it is not safe.

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    they ingored trash too

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    all the buildings are being destroyed by the administration of the reserve, this is an image from a group of volunteers who are currently entering the reserve. they used to cooperate with the reserve. It is not known whether the houses on the coast are still standing or not. I am not going to go there. officially the passage is closed, there are no tours in this place. no cultural or tourist value of this portal does not bear. I have attached a screenshot from the official manager, that the object is not working.

  • Thanks for the appeal, @br14dth88-ING! Based on our research, the portal does not require any adjustments at this time.

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    I provide an accessible "canyon" excursion route. Also on the Instagram page of the glamping, it says that visitors are reached by boat from the nearest village. now closed.

    The rest of the coastal zone is a wild beach under the rocks. not equipped for tourism, no infrastructure, wayfinding signs. no entry .

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    https:// /WAbe3jz3z3Q?t=399

    video from the only available trail in the reserve.

    6:50 - mega zoom on glemping

    8:00 - the fence that separates the sightseeing area

    and another q from visitors on the off page:

    -How do I get there?

    -Hello, the road was not there, and still no)

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    remove this topic. not archive. delete

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