Mass Wayspots Abusing - Soc Bom Bo Cultural Museum - Vietnam

Title of the Wayspot: More than 100 wayspots around Soc Bom Bo Cultural Museum

Location: 11.837993,107.195448

City: Binh Phuoc Province

Country: Vietnam

All the wayspots are small objects/information signs in the museum and spread out the large area (mostly uninhabited)

Photos to support your claim:

The museum consists of two separated small areas lying in the forest.

And this is the ingress map of this area

Some photos of these fake wayspots:

Additional information:

Based on the satellite map, we can clearly see that most of wayspots are lying out of nowhere in the middle of the forest.

Please remove all the fake wayspots and also take action against the involved wayfinder(s).



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