Memorial seats?

I've been away from viewing for a while. There used to be info to suggest memorial seats/benches should be given 1 star. Is this still the case, or should we welcome such submissions now? I'm seeing a lot of such submissions, and I've seen posts here to suggest that submission criteria has changed a bit over the last few years.


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    Some of the ones you see could be ones stuck in the queue for years, if we're being fair/generous (depending on where you live). Before the "criteria refresh", I seem to remember that in "low Waupost areas" memorials of that kind could be accepted. I would tentatively reiterate what @JSteve0-ING has said.

    There are level fifty Pokémon GO players in my area who have never, ever been on the Wayfarer website. People fast approaching level fifty too, who may sometimes nominate and who just make assumptions about the criteria based on what they see around them because they never think to check. On person I spoke to seemed totally surprised there was a website he could go to in order to keep track of his nominations.

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    Personally I think these should be graded on a "Curve".

    If they are in a generic spot, they should have to reach the "Famous" or "Significant" to Local Community to be eligible under the "Explore Criteria".

    However, if they are part of a trail, they should be eligible under the explore criteria automatically, as they serve the same function as a trail markers which Niantic has said that even though Trail Marker might be generic, seeing it in distance along a trail does encourage exploring further down the trail and as such meets Explore Criteria.

    Would love to hear from Niantic @NianticTintino or @NianticGiffard if the logic on trail markers applies to other things on a trail like memorial plaques/benches.

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    Here's a follow up on what I meant.

    Thats a major hiking trail system. The issue is there aren't "Trail Markers" or "Mile Markers" along this trail system. What there is about every mile a spot where mile or so there's a little "Spot" with a memorial bench or two.

    Functionally these type of benches are better than the "Trail Markers" that are acceptible. They fit both the Explore and Exercise criteria same as trail markers by encouraging people to continue down the trail to the next POI. They also go beyond your trail marker in that they give a rest point that people can stop and socialize for a moment.

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    The general idea is that parks (zoos, museums, etc) have fundraisers - for some amount, you pay for a bench, so can put a plaque on it saying whatever you want (with a character limit). At another amount, you've donated a tree, which will have your name on a plaque under it. At a lower level, your name is put on a brick in the sidewalk. All these items are common, not a Point of Interest. And the person is only important to the family that paid for it. Billions of people have lived, done their job, had kids, and died on this earth - doing that plus having money to donate just doesn't make a wayspot.

    OTOH, if a big group (police department, city, county, state, etc) dedicates a bench or tree to someone - that person was important to that group and thus the community.

    Thing is, we reviewers don't always know which kind of plaque we're looking at.

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    I totally agree with the general idea that memorial benches are not accepted. Generally speaking, street signs or direction signs aren't accepted either. Mile markers along a road arent accepted either.

    On a specific hiking trail, things change the sign criteria CHANGES. as part of a hiking trail a sign that says distance, or forks would be accepted. My point is that on a hiking trail, a memorial bench should be acceptable as part of the trail the same way a sign is acceptible if and only if it is part of a trail.

    In a sense, my argument for Niantic is "Memorial Benchs/Plaques on Hiking Trails" should be treated the same as "Signs/Markers on Hiking Trails"

    At a zoo/museum you're not aiming for "Exercise" criteria, the same way parts of a hiking trail are.

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    Yes we agree. @Cowyn2016-PGO You don't go to a zoo or museum to see the benches. They're for exploring. Their good wayspots are info signs, statues, etc. I DO go to trails for the benches. LOL, ok maybe not exactly. But I do measure by benches - I made it to the third bench! Just a little farther and I can sit on the bench with an overlook! Or, note to self - on my way out, I'm going to take a left at that bench.

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