Funeral homes??

I'm confused why funeral homes are not allowed as a pokestop but gravestones in cemeteries are??! You cant even get into a cemetery after dusk. I understand it's a sensitive spot but if you play pokemon you are awkwardly standing outside of most places.


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    Only certain gravestones are eligible (usually old ones for historically noteworthy figures). They promote exploration. Funeral homes don't meet any criteria and are a sensitive location.

    Also, I'm confused about you saying you can't get into a cemetery after dusk. None of the cemeteries I've ever been to stop people from walking through them at any point during the day or night.

  • Gazzas89-PGOGazzas89-PGO Posts: 2,596 ✭✭✭✭✭

    It's famous gravestones, not just any gravestone ..... qmd around me you can get into graveyards whenever you want.

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    Most gravestones are not eligible. It has to be one for an important/famous person who has died more than 50 years ago or is a national public monument. Even then if the grave is near a younger grave I would consider the location too sensitive. The idea is there should be little to no chance of players offending mourners by playing a game atop their loved one's grave.

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    Apart from the "sensitive location" aspects of a Funeral Home, which, if any, of the 3 Niantic criteria does a Funeral Home meet?

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    If you are at a funeral for a loved one and a bunch of teenagers (or adults that are equally immature and inconsiderate) come in to sit for a raid or to pop a lure up and catch Pokémon during the funeral, how would you feel?

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    Yes, same here. Nobody alive in cemeteries from dusk to dawn.

    But undeads and vampires can play.

    Of course gravestone are not eligible, they are PRP.

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    And if the wayspot were something like a capel of funerary?

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    When Pokémon Go first came out this funeral home had a stop and a gym at it...

    They were removed about 2 months in after there was a complaint about people showing up for a raid during a time when people were attending a service. The PoI remain in Ingress to this day. People just need to be smarter and more compassionate when interacting with places in the real world. And I believe that if the gym was out front along the street probably no one would have ever noticed but because the gym was in the back of the lot next to the building it was noticed when random cars showed up to raid or take over Gyms.

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    There’s a fountain pokestop at a funeral home so I nominated the big clock on the wall and got rejected as sensitive which doesn’t make sense this place should fall under the same guidelines as a church. Also the clock is visible from a hiking trail that’s right next to the funeral home which is where I put the stop on the trail side.

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    Sometimes Logic can't cover all the Niantic rules and where they do and don't draw lines. But that's the same as rest of life.... Take becoming an adult... 1 day your legally a child, 1 day older, your legally an adult.... why? Because the line has to be drawn somewhere....

    There's less difference between Funeral Homes and churches than the previous 2 posters have made it sound... ... I've been to "Celebration of Life" gatherings at funeral homes that are far more welcoming & gather eligible than some churches who have yelled at me that its disrespectful to their faith to be playing an online virtual game.

    The line between churches and funeral homes is very very blurry..... BUT...... it's where Niantic drew it. Arguing about it is about as fruitful as arguing why a speed limit is that exact number and not 5 higher or lower.

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    Blurring the line between church and funeral home?

    I won't deny the possibility entirely, as some details vary from country to country and custom to custom, but at least as a general sensible, it is ineligible to nominate a place that people in that country call a funeral home.

    However, just because a church or meeting place is used temporarily to conduct a funeral does not mean that it is inappropriate.

    The relationship between churches and funeral homes can be described as irreversible.

  • Cowyn2016-PGOCowyn2016-PGO Posts: 584 ✭✭✭✭✭


    I think you misunderstood what I was saying exactly, let's me try again. When it comes to "Gather" Egibility criteria, people gather in a funeral home as much as they gather in a church. You might also find "Explore" worthy things/ideas in both. In a very real sense they are pretty similiar.

    But in some peoples eyes gathering at a funeral home is "Disrespectful" because the reason behind "Gather" feels different. Mourning (Funeral home) vs Religious Belief( Church) . This difference in feeling includes Niantic who used it to draw the line Funeral Home = No. Church = Yes

    My point was that "Feeling" isn't universal. I've been to Celebration of Life gatherings at funeral home that are more open and welcoming than many a church. For example, I've also been to pokemon raid at a church where the priest came out and started taking pictures of people's lisence plates while yelling at everyone threats to call the cops because it's a church and the priest finds it as inappropriate and disrespectful for people to be playing a virtual game at his church.

    Yet, no one checks the individual feelings of church before nominating/accepting a church.

    The clear answer is Church = Yes. Funeral Home = No. But it's not a clear logic difference, it's a feelings based difference. So I understand why people nominate funeral homes because feelings aren't universal.

    But like I said, life is full of "Lines" where there isn't a clear logical difference. Your not suddenly a different person between being 17 years 364 days old & 18 years 0 days old. There's no magic in that 1 day of life. But in America that day means you are an adult and can sign a contract vs being a child who cant.

    (({PS: Just to be clear to people who probably hit disagree before, I am not arguing funeral homes should be eligible, they are not. I am simply pointing out to poster who started this thread or similiar readers, that even if you don't agree thats where the eligibility line was drawn. Like it or not))

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