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It's no secret that I was eagerly waiting for this new system for a very long time.

However, now that it's live and I got to try it, I've got some critique to share. I'll start with the more technical stuff and then move on to my heavier complaints.

  1. Within the chat, the displayed time for each message sent only shows the hour and minute, not the full date. This is important since...
  2. ...While the automated message claims "you will receive an update in a few hours", in reality it's taken 3 and a half day for my single report to be resolved. So having full dates for the messages would help track the progress on reports more easily. (Also, you might want to change the message from "a few hours", as other reporters might not be as patient in waiting for updates on their reports)
  3. My biggest complaint: as stated above, it's taken 3.5 days for a single report to be resolved. A single report, on a single wayspot, while being unable to file any further report until the current report is resolved. This is a huge step back from the previous/other reporting method - the Google form and the forum - which both allowed to make multiple reports as needed. With abuse reporting to be disallowed on the forum in the near future, and the Google form to be discontinued, having only the new chat will be extremely restricting and inefficient.

To illustrate how frustrating it is, here are a couple of examples for situations where the new system acts as a hindrance:

  1. In cases of mass abuse where multiple wayspots are involved. Being able to report all of them will lead to faster and more efficient resolution of such cases. Additionally it's much easier to show the connection between the wayspots when they're all reported together and in context.
  2. In cases where you just happen to find another abusive wayspot while reviewing, and you've already got one report in processing.

One might ask - won't it be hard for the reporter to follow a large number of reports made at the same time? Well, in the new chat, you're given a ticket number (#xxxxxxxx) for each report you make. Adding the unique number to each resolution message would make following each report very easy.

At its current form, specifically with being able to only report one wayspot at a time, I find this system to be excruciatingly limited and inefficient. Yes, it is brand new, but after months and months (and months) of waiting, I was hoping for a step forward in the ability to report abuse, not a step back.

@NianticTintino @Danbocat-PGO @NianticGiffard - tagging you guys in hope this feedback will reach the right set of eyes.



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    I cannot agree more.

    A lot of times I review more than a hundred a day, of which unfortunately still 2-3% should be reported as blatant abuse.

    But using this 'updated' method I am unable to report on all of them.

    For now I'll just use both simultaneously, until we can file multiple in the chat.

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    Wait a minute, I didn't even a ticket number for my report because they asked me to actually be at the location where all the fake LFLs are for them to actually consider my case, and then they closed the chat and I couldn't do anything else. Furthermore, further abuse cases happen, but the Wayfarer help support is only limited to one active at a time, until you either get a ticket ID to track it and make further details to it, or they just close it and you're able to start a new one. It's function is very limiting as you've said.

    Yeah look, I get privacy, and I held off for a while waiting for this long-awaited private abuse reporting to happen, but the help support is very limited at its current stage. It's a shame that we have to report abuse as it comes so often.

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    I think the reason it took three days to resolve is that the system has just been launched. Let's give it a few more days. As for massive abuse, you will be asked for additional information after you report the wayspot, so you can report it at that time.

  • Gendgi-PGOGendgi-PGO Posts: 2,307 ✭✭✭✭✭

    I think during the early times is when is most important to provide initial feedback of what is and isn't working.

    As for massive abuse, that may work when the abuse appears coordinated or in one area, but it isn't uncommon to find multiple abuse areas that don't appear associated with each other within a day or two, or even just one review session.

  • Thank you all for your feedback. Will be sure to share with the team as we continue to track successes and growth points for this.

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    In addition to the concerns raised above, which are major and need to be listened to if chat is to replace the forums for reporting abuse, I would like to flag the issue that there’s no email record.

    When Ingress support replies to a ticket, you get an email alerting you that there’s been a new message with a transcript in the email. Wayfarer support doesn’t seem to have this functionality, despite putting in your email address being step 1.

    This is a problem for two reasons:

    (1) You need to manually check the help chat to see if there are updates; but more importantly…

    (2) The chat session is tied to your browser session, so if you clear your browser cache / use incognito mode / switch browser / switch devices, you cannot access the previous chat history, and therefore cannot find out what the resolution to the ticket was.

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    Personally, I wayfarer only on my phone, and every time I get logged out of wayfarer (~20 minutes or so of inactivity) the chat clears for me, and I can no longer access it. I second that it’d be nice to have an email record of it, and a way to access it again if logged out, because I personally can send multiple reports just by refreshing my browser- but I have no way to know if they’re being responded to or even saved

  • TrevorAlan-PGOTrevorAlan-PGO Posts: 640 ✭✭✭✭

    Yeah I just had my first experience with the chat.

    Found a submission and an existing wayspot in someone's PRP backyard. I submitted on Friday, didn't get a response until Monday (Weekend is understandable, BUT in the meantime I couldn't submit anything else I found and I ended up finding ANOTHER abusive nomination from the Winter Garden group I have a forum thread on) The response I got was not satisfactory, just stating that "it does not meet our criteria for removal at this time", and closed the ticket/chat...

    So cool, I'll still use the chat function because I do like the initial flow better and the privacy... but the way tickets are closed and then when I have multiple discoveries, and repeat offenders... useless... I'll still be posting in the forum.

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    It's been 6 days since I encountered a bug where I'm literally unable to send anything in the chat. It still looks like support is typing me a message and I don't have the ability to type anything myself.

  • AgentMAenlight-INGAgentMAenlight-ING Posts: 118 ✭✭✭

    I've used Wayfarer Support several times and sometimes I get a reply within a day, sometimes I have to wait 3 days or more. My guess is that it probably depends on how Niantic employees are working (especially during the New Year holidays) and what we are reporting. I feel that simple report is replied quickly, but complex report is replied slowly.

    @willowitaly-ING, It seems that when I log in with another device, the messages exchanged on the other device do not show up. I'm reporting it here. @NianticTintino, It is inconvenient for Wayfarer Support messages to disappear or not show up on other devices.

  • SiIverLyra-PGOSiIverLyra-PGO Posts: 688 ✭✭✭✭✭

    I know from my public reports done in the forum that it can take a while, especially for complex reports, and I don't mind waiting (as long as I know it's on the team's queue and will eventually be taken care of).

    It's the fact that I can't make other reports at all while waiting for the current ticket to be closed, that is bothering me.

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