Relocation of Boží muka pod Ostrážnou or change its name, description and pics

Title of the Wayspot: Boží muka pod Ostrážnou

Location: 49.584438, 16.292377

City: Dalečín, Hluboké

Country: Czech Republic

Screenshot of the Rejection Email:

Additional information: When I tried was originally submitting this Pokéstop, I did it in batch and I messed up, using photos and description of another Pokéstop instead. When it got admitted, I realized my mistake and tried to request changes. Because I cannot change location, I changed its name, description and added some photos. It got rejected. Real *Boží muka pod Ostrážnou* lies 2 km away, on 49.5766528N, 16.2845339E. I would like to correct my mistake by either relocating this Pokéstop or replacing its name, description and pictures.



  • Thanks for the appeal, Trainer. Due to insufficient evidence, we’re unable to make any changes to the Wayspot in question. If you have additional evidence to share like geotagged images or photospheres, please submit a new appeal with additional information and we’ll take another look.

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