Playground inside private condominium separated wayspots.

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So in my neighbourhood there's this private condominium that has a playground inside, it has a swing and a slide that are like... i'd say 5m apart? But each one is a wayspot. Of course they were put 20m apart from each other in the game so both would show up. The thing is these 2 portals are unreachable from the street, you've got to trespass to get to them. My question is... is it legal to make both things a wayspot considering they are literaly next to each other. Can this be considered abuse? considering this agent also uses 2 accounts and fills those 2 portals with 4 mods and makes them level 7 as soon as they control it. How convenient isn't it?.

Is it possible to request for those wayspots to be merged in just 1 playground to make it fair?

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