Max Daily Limit of 40?

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So I started getting this message that I've never seen before yesterday while I was out and about:

"You have reached your max daily Portal nominations of 40."

I put quite a bit of time into authoring my nominations so I only attempted one portal submission since beginning to receive this message. The interface allowed me to get all the way to the end, but 3 separate times I received an error indicating the was an issue uploading the photos to the image server. I have not attempted another portal submission since I received this message yesterday, but upon counting in Wayfarer, I can confirm I have wayyyy more than 40 submissions sitting "In Queue" with a handful more sitting "In Voting" so I was able to cross that possiblity off the checklist. Has anyone else experienced such a message before? Does anyone know the cause or a potential solution? Or do I just need to wait?

Thank you 🙇‍♂️ for your time!

Update: So this actually meant I had OVER 40+ nominations available at the time of this message!

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